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7 Tips to Stop Being Fat

by Rocco Castellano


stop being fatChange your Attitude – Changing your attitude towards how to get fit or lose weight is the first thing you must do to stop being fat. If you are fat, don’t cry, don’t make excuses, and please don’t hide under the phrase “I may be fat but I’m happy”, because you’re not.  Losing fat requires work and a lot of it.  Accept it, understand it. Actually, believe in it and you will never that’s right, fucking never be fat again. Understand and please accept this… the fatter you are, the harder you need to work.  If you believe all the fad diets and lose-weight-quick scams out there, you’ll still be fat and a lot more broke… and that will never get you to your goals. Attitude is everything… I’ve said it for years and I want you to write that somewhere and get your ass started.

number 2Be Proactive – Do not wait for your ship to come in… because that ship is sinking as you read this. There is no time like the present. Putting off starting a fitness program until tomorrow or next week or when it’s convenient for you… is just allowing more fat to pile on your body.  By the time tomorrow comes, or next week or next year… you’ll be 50 pounds heavier and on the way to the hospital clutching your chest… crying, “I don’t wanna die”.  Boo “fucking” hoo… now is the time, get it done, Carpe diem. Even if you don’t have a Heart Attack, you will still be fat, uncomfortable, and unhappy.

stop being fatGive yourself 3 hours – I don’t care how you do it, but give yourself at least 3 hours a week of exercise.  If you are just beginning, then make the most of the workout strength training. Do two exercises per major muscle group (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Hips, and Abdominals) and one exercise for auxiliary muscle groups (Biceps, Triceps, Quadriceps, Hamstrings). It doesn’t have to be 1 hour 3 times a week it can be 1/2 hour 6 times a week or 1/2 in the morning, a 1/2 hour at night Monday, Wednesday, Friday… Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday… Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I really don’t give a shit when you do your exercise, just do it, and make it something you want to do.

number 4Keep Aerobic Training to a Minimum – Aerobic training for fat loss has been the most overrated aspect of weight loss for so many years.  Unless you have the necessary lean mass (muscle), a million hours of aerobic activity will actually prohibit proper fat loss. There are research studies after research studies that show that stress is the culprit of fat gain. Aerobic exercise is in many cases “undue” stress that is being placed on the body and can actually be what’s making you gain weight.  How aerobic style classes have you been taking for two years or more and are still fat?

stop being fatBe Consistent – begin your fat loss program in any way you feel like it and just keep going.  If you miss a day, pick up where you left off, but don’t miss two days in a row, unless you’re in bed hacking up a lung, burning up and dying from fever or you fell off a building and actually can’t get out of bed. Anything else, get some type of workout in. If you miss due to illness get back on the fat loss train as soon as you feel a little better.  Make an appointment with yourself and keep it.  Don’t let kids, bosses, spouses, or pets keep you from your workout.  If it’s possible make them part of your workout.  O.K. maybe not your boss, unless you’re punching the shit out of him and want to call that exercise. In order to stop being fat make sure these people/distractions understand that without a healthy you, their life would actually suck, really suck!

stop being fatDo not Diet – Dieting is for sheep.  Pull away from the dieting crowd and create an eating lifestyle that you can really live with for the rest of your life.  To stop being fat, make sure it has at least 95% real food in it:  vegetables, fruits, limited grains (that actually came from a plant), and fresh-cut grass-fed or organically raised meats (from the butcher, not the deli counter). If 95% of your diet comes from real food, the other 5% garbage you put in your body won’t kill you.  Unless you’re eating glass or actual garbage from a dumpster.

stop being fatStop Making Excuses –   Nothing is worse than listening to people create elaborate reasons why they are still fat and why they’re too busy, too lazy, too many kids and too little time. Give me a fucking break. If you work too much… quit your job. If you’re too lazy, die of a heart attack. Too busy, again, die of a heart attack.  You and only you can make this happen for you. I believe you want it you just need to change your attitude and create a “Fat Loss Attitude” with no excuses. Now let’s stop being fat and change your life for the better.

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