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Whoever said Vitamin D alone prevents bone fractures?

by Rocco Castellano

In a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers try hard to disprove that vitamin D alone prevents bone fractures.

Insignificant Doses of Vitamin D Don’t Prevent Bone Fractures

The VITAL trial examined the impact of an insignificant daily dose of only 50 mcg (2,000 IU) on the bone health of approximately 26,000 older persons. (I’m not even certain that they took vitamin D3, the active version, or D2, the kind normally prescribed by general practitioners.)

For a median of 5.3 years, the researchers asked the participants to describe their frequency of bone fractures. In the end, the researcher’s narrow focus resulted in the absurd claim that there is inadequate proof that vitamin D alone prevents bone fractures.

But whoever asserted that vitamin D alone prevents bone fractures?
Not me. Not anyone who practices medicine in the same field as me. You, my dear readers, are better than that; none of you!

Scaring the Shit Out of Big Pharma

Naturally, it’s important to remember that one in three Americans ages 60 and older takes a vitamin D supplement. Additionally, spending and prescriptions for osteoporosis medications have decreased by 50% during the previous ten years. I would believe this is scaring the shit out of Big Pharma!

After all, what would happen to the billions spent on these pharmaceuticals each year if there was a simple, affordable approach to maintaining the health of our bones?

As we age, vitamin D helps to maintain the mineralization and health of our bones by assisting in bone maintenance. However, we must combine wise supplementation, focused exercise, and adequate eating if we want to nurture our bones over time genuinely.


Sunshine for Vitamin D

As you are aware, sunshine has the best absorption of vitamin D. But many of us don’t “soak in the sun” nearly enough, nor do we live in sunny climates. As a result, the majority of the nation lacks this essential nutrient.

Because of this, I always advise checking your blood levels frequently to ensure they remain ideal (between 80 and 100 ng/mL). To reach the recommended levels of D, a daily dose of 250 mcg (10,000 IU) is frequently necessary. Magnesium orotate (32 mg daily) or magnesium taurate (125 mg daily), Calcium (500 to 600 mg daily), magnesium orotate (32 mg daily), vitamin K2 (45 mcg, twice a day), strontium (500 mg daily), and resveratrol are additional supplements to enhance bone health (at least 500 mg daily).

Develop Strong Bones Prevent Bone Fractures

The best activity for developing strong bones—and lowering the risk of fracture—is weight-bearing exercise like weight training, magnetic resistance like the Tonal, or Hydraulic Resistance like the PowerMax 360. Both tools we use at Train with Rocco.

Finally, eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet (such as the ketogenic diet) will increase your protein consumption while giving your bones the essential nutrients. Emphasize including fresh vegetables, grass-fed and finished beef, organic, free-range poultry, nuts, and seeds in your daily diet.

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