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Using Powdered Gelatin instead of Whey or Egg Protein

By on April 15, 2014

Way back when… diets used to be very high in gelatin. Why? Because we used to eat bones and cartilage regularly in the form of homemade, slow-simmered bone broths or stews. Grandma or mom would make chicken soup boiling the whole carcass of the chicken to make the broth. Not so much any more.

Since most of the general population doesn’t sit over a hot stove and create a hearty stock for soups, our diets lack gelatin. Using gelatin as a protein powder is like killing two birds with one stone. Not only do you get the added protein you need, but you also get the awesome benefits of eating more gelatin. Some of those benefits are fewer wrinkles, reduced joint pain, and less cellulite… just to mention a few.

I have been using Great Lakes brand gelatin for over 8 years now because it and Bernard Jensen are the only brands of gelatin made from “Grass Fed” cows.

Not only is it made from grass-fed cows, but it’s minimally processed to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of free glutamic acids. Gelatin is flavorless, so you can stir it into hot drinks like coffee or tea without affecting the flavor. It also blends well into smoothies and shakes… my favorite way to consume gelatin.

So instead of going to your supplement store and buying other protein supplements, try using a more natural, minimally processed protein supplement. If you want to try some click here: