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You got the keys for Weight Loss… now shut up and drive!

By on June 23, 2008

No this isn’t an advertisement for car insurance. I get inspiration from all kinds of places to write my askROCCO articles but I didn’t think Rhianna would get me going. Her song “Shut up and drive” somehow showed up on my iPOD Shuffle as I had my head phones on while I was writing another article. Normally I don’t really listen to the lyrics of most of the pop music because I think I was spoiled living through the seventies and listening to the great story telling in the music of that era…even though most of the music was about drugs and sex…it still told a great story. Low and behold I found myself listening to her and realized that everyone has the keys to their car so why don’t they “Shut up and drive”.

Instead of making excuses to why you can’t get yourself moving, “shut up and drive”. In other words just get moving. If you are fat don’t let yourself get confused by all the shit that’s out there to the point that you’re paralyzed. Now of course I would want you to choose one of my programs, like “The Winning Image” or “Lose 30 in Thirty” but that’s not what this article is about. Choose a program any program and stick with it. Consistency is what will bring you the results you are looking for not the actual program. If the program is based on solid strength training principles and High Intensity Interval Training you will be headed in the right direction. You’ve already got the keys…so shut up and drive.

Your body, a mechanical entity not unlike your car needs to be driven in order for it to run efficiently. If left to sit, it winds up rotting from the inside out and in the automotive world; becomes sick. The same thing happens to your body…when you sit around in a sedentary state you become fat and then become ill and start breaking down at every turn. It’s no fun being sick. I’d rather you have a better quality of live with health and happiness.

If you say you don’t have time…than die of a heart attack or download my “8 Minute Workout” for free and start getting the results you always wanted. Go to it now:

For your viewing pleasure Rhianna’s music video…Shut up and Drive.