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Would you buy a Fitness Program from this Woman?

By on April 10, 2009

pict067Fat people can not own fitness franchises! How friggin’ ridiculous is that?!  I’m all for entrepreneurial spirit but if you put a fat person in front of a table that is for a fitness based franchise you will go broke.

I understand that the target market for Curves is fat low self esteem woman but at some point you have to show that you make progress.  You can’t just have a bunch of fat women rolling around the gym floor for years on end.  There needs to be hope that there is fit healthy body in sight.  Curves should showcase fat people as their poster children but former fat people who actually became fit.

The women in the photo is well over 200 lbs…and I’m being as polite as I can.  What the hell can she teach me about being fit and living a healthy lifestyle…shes not walking the walk.  All she looks like shes doing is eating and not even stepping foot into the place shes promoting. Or maybe Curves has feeding troughs in the locker rooms for after you roll around like a happy little piglet.

As a fitness professional that advocates at least a simple sembelence of fit and healthy living I can’t imagine that any business plan would advocate placing a woman as big as a house in front of a fitness franchise… now don’t get me wrong I don’t think “Barbie” should be out in front either, having her breasts knocking you over.  Fitness is all relative…but it is very apparent that there is no fitness here…only fat.  So I guess the new tagline for Curves is: ” Where the Cows come to Play” or “Fit to Fat…we don’t care!” Either way this is just wrong!  Tell me what you think.

Nii Wilson says:

This is to reply to Tamika or anyone that thinks this post was “brutal”
this is the tamest post or “rant” from Rocco ever. Richard Simmons can be more brutal than this. Not saying that you are losing you touch Rocco but if people think this blog post is tough they need to go further back or catch your youtube videos.

Take it easy Rocco and thanks for everything!

Jim says:

Brutal? yes! But honest? Yes again! I am in the fitness business and I am alarmed at how many so called “personal trainers” or “fitness coaches” out there are out of shape, overweight, and even quite obese in some cases! Often these people have the nerve to think they are among the best in the business!

If I were just an average overweight guy looking to hire a trainer or coach I would NEVER consider hiring a fat out of shape one. The lady in that pic is a very bad advertisement for a fitness business. She should be a behind the scenes owner and have someone more on the fit side doing the public appearances part to promote it.

Faye Oney says:

Rocco is right on! He tells it like it is. Sorry if you people are offended, but most overweight people need to wake up and smell the coffee, and realize that they are contributing to the health care problem in this country….not to mention our ever-increasing health insurance rates.

I’m sorry you feel the way you do. It’s strange that you would not take the advice from one of the top fitness pros in the world because I think that “Fat” people should not own fitness franchises. It’s the same thing as I would not trust the advice I get from a Cardiologist that smokes or is fat. It just seems stupid.

Truthfully I would never work with someone that thought fat people should be coddled and should be allowed to coach people on becoming healthy when they obviously don’t do it themselves.

Good luck getting fit. There are plenty of people out there that would be willing to take your money…maybe a fat fitness coach.

Tamika says:

Rocco, I believe that this email was incredibly brutal. I’ll be honest, I was considering utilizing your pageant program, but after reading this post I unsubscribed to your newletters. I think that you look awesome and of course can be a great poster child for your program – after all you are walking the walk, but I believe that comments such as this are just hurtful, disrespectful, and do nothing to motivate those who need to that extra push.

Kimberly says:

Curves is what it is and I think everyone realizes this. At least they aren’t going to High Tea. (a 7 course luncheon popular here in Cincy) Or maybe that’s where they hold their meetings for luncheon plans of the day!

TC says:

I definitely agreed she is not a great poster girl for Curves. It seems to me that Curves is where fat people hang out and stay fat. I don’t mean to be mean but you better off not do any exercise if the system in place is not helping the women lose weight. It seems to encourage them to stay fat.

deb says:

Ok.. First, Curves doesn’t teach anyone anything. YOu work the machines for 30 seconds or so, quick jump to a cardio bat and step for the same time, then move to the next machine.

Form? Not interested.

Adjusting the machine for the best fit? Not an option.

Curves gives people just enough experience to know that it’s NOT a good exeperience. This owner really says all.

Marci Lall says:

Hey Rocco,

I’m sorry, was the headline of this post a rhetorical question?

And umm..I think she can teach you what NOT to do.

Ann says:

I agree she is a poor advertisement for health and fitness, but then again, maybe there’s a before picture at 450 lbs and 200 lbs is a big improvement…..

Ben says:

Kinda file this under “Never trust a thin cook, never trust a fat fitness trainer.” But Rachel Ray does test this theory.

Hey Rocco,
Brutal but funny. It’s sad to say but its true.

Masamba Zuberi says:

Maybe she was 400 lbs., went to Curves, lost 150 lbs., and opened her own francise.

That Rocco is mean as a snake!