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By on February 19, 2009

I’m usually not that impressed with women fitness trainers or women fitness enthusiasts. Most of the time I’m just annoyed by the coddling and political correctness that most women in the fitness industry exude. In my experience most women just want to make other women feel good about how fat they are and I get sick (to the point of puking) at the lengths they will go to make sure that no one’s feelings are hurt.

So, obviously you would think that I don’t visit too many women’s fitness blogs…and you would be correct…but one women’s fitness blog that I make sure I visit at least (a minimum) of 3 times a week is my good friend Carla Birnberg’s ““. I would have to say in all honesty that is without a doubt one of the most “fun” blogs I visit.  There is never a boring blog post and her followers are very engaged in her message.

Sometimes I have a hard time following because I think there’s a lot of inside women jokes going on but, really I believe it is just my gender that is inhibiting the flow of estrogen based humor that ignites Carla’s blog/website.

I find myself on many occasions wishing I too could be part of the “Bumbling Band” but realize that it is best to watch from the bleachers and observe.

If you are a woman and read my blog regularly I hope that you venture over to “ and visit her on a consistant basis.

…and when you’re over there tell her… Rocco sent ya!

Here’s a little sample of what you will see when you visit.

So happy to enjoy such a entertaining post that does not resort to cheap rhetoric to get the idea covered. Thank you for a great read.

Don Kanalie says:

Dito. Very good post so far…

Liz Donnelly says:

Thanks, Rocco! I love her site!!