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Why I believe in Nutritional Systems…not Diets

By on February 16, 2008

Every client that I take on be it a professional athlete or average Joe or Jane I get the same question. Can you give me a diet to follow? I have mentioned this in my syndicated column too many times to count but I will relay it one more time for my reading audience. I am not a licensed dietitian or a nutritionist. I will never claim to be and it is my opinion that personal trainers and fitness experts who prescribe diet information should be charged with fraud. Now with my soapbox litany out of the way I will tell you that almost all diets don’t work.

I believe in systems. Every successful business person has a system, every successful athlete has a system. Before I became a “successful” entrepreneur I was running around willy nilly trying to create greatness and not going anywhere because I was trying too many things that were not part of a system. Dieting is the same way if you try everything that comes down the pike you will lose nothing but money and a lot of time. When you follow a system that fits into your lifestyle, I mean really fits into your lifestyle (diets fail because you try to fit your life into the diet). Fitting your life into anything leaves you vulnerable to your life revolving around that entity. I advise all my clients to find things that compliment their lives not take them over, this goes for spouses, nutritional systems, jobs…anything. When something compliments your life it enhances it. Diets are dreadful, pain in the ass obstacles in your life.

That’s why I have created a list of “systems” that I recommend here on this blog. Note that I have listed more than one because everyone’s life is different and every system is different. Choose the one that best fit’s into your lifestyle and you will always see incredible results because you can stick to your plan. You can click them to your right or just look below.

Carb Rotation Diet

Naked Nutrition Guide

Remember…if you don’t take action, it doesn’t matter what system you choose because you’ll get the same results…nothing!