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Why are this FAT Kid’s Parents not arrested for Child Endangerment?

By on July 7, 2008

I find this to be absolutely outrageous! How does a parent allow their child for whom they are supposed to love, support and protect get this fat? In this video neither the reporter nor any of the people interviewed ever mention that this is criminal. This Fat girl is not more than 7 years old and she’s well over 400 lbs. There is something definitely wrong with society when all we can do is sit idly by and say, “Oh that’s such a shame, I feel so bad for her”. This is sickening and it shouldn’t take Inside Edition to do a story on it for the parent or parents to take control of the situation. Did these parents really need Inside Edition to get doctors to “order” her into the hospital to begin a weight reduction program. I still want to know what the hell were this kids parents allowing her to eat? You don’t get this fat when you are 5-7 years old unless you are eating almost 24/7.

geekgirl says:

WTF!?!?! I get so furious at parents who do that to their children. When an adult is overweight, it their own responsibility, but to do that to a child is cruel. I don’t understand why child services wasn’t involved a long time ago, if she was 200 pounds when she was 5 years old.