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Whew…it’s been crazy living in ROCCO WORLD!

By on September 2, 2008


I want to apologize for not keeping in touch. Many things have happened over the past several months.

1) I decided to move myself and my business interests (askROCCO Media) to Albuquerque, NM, a 1400 mile trek through 8 states and 3 thunder storms.

2) I launched two brand new informational products; Lose 30 in Thirty Fitness Program and Ultimate Consultation System

Lose 30 in Thirty is a product that is for the fitness enthusiast which is based on the program I created to help a girl lose 30 pounds in thirty days for the MTV Show MADE. Watch it here

The Ultimate Consultation System is for the fitness professional who wants to create several streams of income. It’s based on a business model that uses fitness consultations as a huge source of revenue that can be utilized at your location or over the web.

I am also gearing up for one of MTV’s production companies to come to Albuquerque to finally shoot a pilot for my TV Show called “Rocco My World” October 3rd – 10th. So much preparation goes into organizing a week long video shoot.

I will have photos and videos of the shoot while it’s happening so stay tuned. Thank you for being here and hope to hear back from you.

And if that wasn’t enough I began video shooting and production on a local Albuquerque show called: ROCCO Dishes it Out. Where I go up against some of the top local chef’s in there restaurants…mostly having fun and breaking balls.