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When will they ever learn? Another “Fitness” Chain Bankrupt

By on May 11, 2009

Crunch Fitness looking retro…or stupid.

As reported in 2 awesome articles (May 6, 2009, my birthday and today) by fellow Italian reporter, Adrianne Pasquarelli in Crain’s Business, Crunch Fitness has filed for bankruptcy.  I’m actually happy to see this happen because it always brings me to recite the quote: “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

Everyone wants to blame the recession…it’s just not true.  Why don’t people just admit that their bad business practices are to blame.  It is my hope that these mega-fitness chains will smarten their asses up and realize that there are certain trends that are taking over and they need to adapt.  One of those trends is personal attention and customer service.  Over the past 18 years personal training and the business of personal training has redefined the way most clients want to be treated…with personal attention.

Although the big boys tried to slap their assembly line attitude towards personal training, the intelligent consumer is going outside the “gym” and finding “real” personal trainers that care about their clients. While the  “fitness” chains are still concentrating on the antiquated used car salesman tactics of forcibly trying to separate you from your credit card, many of the real personal trainers are getting their clients results.

Crunch Fitness CEO Tim Miller lost his puppy...awe!

Crunch Fitness CEO Tim Miller lost his puppy…awe!

Results… is the missing link in keeping a company, especially a venture capital infused fitness company in the black.  Just because you think your cool doesn’t necessarily mean that you are.  What it often means is that you are delusional.  So here’s my suggestion to Tim Miller, CEO of Crunch Fitness… sell your Mercedes, Hummer and your house in the Hamptons and start paying attention what your members need.

Liz Donnelly says:

This is classic and very true! Happy Birthday, btw! -Liz