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What I brought back from Ryan Lee’s Boot Camp

By on September 22, 2008

I received a new nickname which I think is pretty cool. Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training Fame dubbed me “Mr. Super Intensity” which I hold in high regard.

One of the greatest weekends I’ve spent related to fitness in a very long time. Usually I go to conferences and can’t wait to get home. This time I wish it never ended.

I never in my life thought that a fitness industry conference could ever have this much excitement, unbelievable content, and some of the nicest superstars in the fitness business.

Here are some of the highlights:

– Learned a shitload of great internet info or “Nifty Clicks” from Andrew Locke,

– Discussed a deal with Chris Poirier, the president of Perform Better to carry a video tape program for Manual Resistance Training.

– Learned some great business organizational skills from Ryan Lee

– Met some of my favorite fitness personalities in the world including:
Dax Moy, Ryan Lee, Mike Roussell, Jayson Hunter, Tricia Dong, Chris Guerirro, Brian Grasso, Zach Even-Esh, Barry Lovelace, Eric Cressey and Craig Ballantyne.

It was absolutely crazy for all of us to be in the same city let alone the same building together.

There were more deals and discussions going on then you could count and everyone left their egos at home and shared their experiences, love for the industry and genuinely cared for each others welfare.

It may sound a little hokey but I feel like I have created some real friendships in this short time.

Thank you Ryan for taking the intitative to change the fitness world as we know it.

DaxMoy says:

Hey Rocco!

Great hanging with you my friend. Will remember that dinner for a very, very long time buddy : )


April's Fitness Journey says:

Rocco I had NO idea you read my blog. I am honored!
Was this the conference in CT? Man I was so going to drive down just so in Holly’s 2 min of spare time I could drop in say HI and finally meet her! If I had known you and Dax were going to be there too it would SO have been worth the 5 hour drive for those 2 min! Sounds like a great time. Man there are SO many of you fantastic online fitness pro’s there is NO way I could keep track of you all. You mentioned a few that I have never heard of before so I will have to check them out!

Rocco Castellano says:

BTW- What do you weigh? Hey I’m all about lifting awkward things. It was awesome hanging with you. I can’t wait to get back to Jersey to “Kill It!”

zevenesh says:

dude, i had a blast hanging out with you and am psyched to connect again!

hope you didn’t hurt your back lifting me up! ha ha