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What are Good Carbs and Bad Carbs…dispelling the truth

By on December 29, 2008

What’s a “good” carb?  Why are carbohydrates “bad” for me?  I was told I can’t eat Pasta any more…is that true?  How do you know what’s good for you any more?

I get bombarded with these questions on a daily basis. So I decided when Registered Dietitian and good friend Jayson Hunter came to visit that I would put this controversy to rest once and for all.  I know that there are a bunch of stupid people out there that just won’t let it die but that’s their issue.  For all the semi-intelligent and intelligent people that read my blog I have sat down with Jayson to ask him to dispel the truth…and the lies… that pertain to consuming carbohydrates.  As with all my talks with Jayson Hunter they are very informative, entertaining and downright awesome.

Now go get some “organic” popcorn and watch the video. “Organic” popcorn…come on people!…saturated in”Organic” butter with “Organic” salt sprinkled on top. Sometimes I just write this for myself 😉

Kelly Olexa says:

This was a great post- great VLOG explaining this – too much confusing information out there on “carbs” and it creates unnecessary fear and craziness. Awesome- I just shared on Twitter too. 😉