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Welcome to the askROCCO Media Business Bootcamp

A Personal Thank You from Rocco Castellano

Thank you so much for taking the next step towards your Ultimate Success.

Before you come to the askROCCO Business Building Bootcamp there are a few things you need to do and be aware of in order to make the weekend as awesome as you want it to be.

Those things are…

Book your room… We have combed the Las Vegas Strip for the best prices with the most amenities… and The Luxor is your best bet. Click here to book your room: Book The Luxor
Create Facebook Advertising Account… You should already have a Facebook account and Fanpage. If you don’t please contact us immediately at: 702.943.0118. In your Facebook account you will see an “Ads Manager” Click on that and enter your information and credit card details in order create Ads and start selling before you leave Las Vegas. If you don’t know how to “create” an account click here: Add Credit Card to Facebook Account
Set Nameservers for your domainBefore you come you will need to buy a new domain or use an existing one to set up your sales funnel. Here is a short video on how to set your nameservers at Set Your Nameservers If you already know how to do it then please set them to: NS1.HOSTMONSTER.COM  NS2.HOSTMONSTER.COM
Create 5 Graphics… You will need 5 graphics made to be uploaded to your new website. You can either get someone on one of the “for hire” websites like or contact our graphics people at Click here for sample graphics and measurements
Send Airline Itinerary… We will be picking you up at the Airport and driving you to the Luxor. For us to coordinate pick ups for everyone who is participating we need you to forward (email) your Flight Itinerary to:
4 sets of Clothes… We will be shooting 4 separate videos so it is important that you have 4 different sets of clothes. In addition to the Video Shoot we will be providing you with still photos for your website, media or promotional materials. So bring your best outfits and your best game face.
Participant Checklist…This is a checklist of specific items you need to bring and optional items that will make your stay with us a little more comfortable. Download Now.
Business Building Bootcamp Menu…Please download this menu that will be served throughout the Business Building Bootcamp Weekend. If their are any foods that you are allergic to, or any foods you just don’t like, let us know so we can make adequate substitutions. If you do not let us know you are shit out of luck and will go hungry. Download Now.
Weekend Itinerary… This is an hour by hour itinerary of what’s in store for you during the askROCCO Business Building Bootcamp Weekend. If you have any questions please give us a call at: 702.943.0118 or email us at: Download Now.

Fill in your Name and Email so you can receive some awesome videos and updates regarding the askROCCO Business Building Bootcamp Weekend