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Understanding Your Brand

No one can compare to the way askROCCO Media helps you create your own “Personal Brand” or Fitness Brand.  As one of the Top Fitness Personal Brands in the industry Rocco Castellano coaches and holds your hand through the whole “Brand Creation” Process.

  • Rocco and you will work as a team to recognize and help you realize your real passions and how to draw revenue from them.
  • Rocco will help you build your brand step by step from:

Developing a “Brand Mantra”

If you don’t have a “Brand Mantra” you will lose control of your “Brand” at some point in your business building and you will fall prey to indecision and confusion…absolutely!

Understanding the exercise of creating a “Brand Mantra” as a useful tool in perpetuating  and developing your “Brand” in a positive way will serve you for the lifetime of your business.

Your Brand Mantra is a living breathing entity that you will personally and professionally live each and everyday on this earth. It will aid in all your decision making which will benefit you when trying to create forward momentum in your understanding your  business goals.

Your Brand Mantra solidifies your objective and creates “laser focusing” to disseminate clutter and eventual business development confusion.

A Brand Mantra Consultation provides you with a systematic and strategic way to:

  • Understand your passion and create a brand that best represents that passion.
  • Provide a clear definition of the brand for you as well as your employees, fans, agencies and vendors who need to help promote you.
  • Identify your brand’s essence, character, and reality for a “Mantra” or “Battle Cry” that creates unity and loyalty within all aspects of your business.

After your consultation you will have:

  • The knowledge of what your brand is, how it works, and why it’s important.
  • The understanding of the difference you make in the marketplace, how relevant that difference is and why you make a worthwhile contribution to your customer’s life
  • A draft of your brand mantra – a short and compelling  phrase describing your brand as the key internal message for you and everyone related to your business.
  • Understanding of the questions: Who are you? What are you about? … and… What do you stand for?
  • A measuring device for communicating your Fitness Brand in the most simple, concise and persuasive manner.
  • The beginning Road Map for implementing business and marketing communications.

Your  business no matter if it is a “Personal” Brand or a Traditional Business Brand depends on a clear and concise message to be broadcast to the world.  Your Brand Mantra will save you countless dollars and hours in frustration from targeting the wrong audience to creating non-revenue producing collateral materials… your simple, clear and concise message will keep you moving forward to create more relevant revenue streams.

askROCCO Media’s Business Coaching provide’s you with the no bullshit understanding that your business relies on your ability to create a “brand identity” that allows you to be in the front of your potential customers minds when it comes to their fitness , weight loss or strength training goals.

Rocco personally conducts a complete Brand Review which is just another way of doing a complete audit of your Brand’s identity, message, web presence, financial condition, marketing/promotion and potential for ongoing revenue… from top to bottom… sometimes it gets ugly… and this means taking a deep look inside your brand and how it is perpetuated. Rocco and you as a team, answer these questions:

  • How is your message represented in your branding?
  • Are you limiting your passion and in return limiting your ability to create revenue streams?
  • Are you displaying the unique personality of your brand to your “fan base”?
  • Is all of your “Branding” presented in a most compelling picture that is consistent with your passion and your ultimate message?

When developing the identity of your brand it is extremely important to look out towards your “Fans” as well as within. Understanding that your persona/brand/product or organization is made up as much of the community by which it  serves as to who you are is a major step to realizing better focus and forward momentum.

Some of the “Real” Questions Rocco and YOU will find the answers to are:

  • What does your fan base want from you?
  • Who are you?
  • Why do you exist?
  • What are you trying to accomplish with your “Brand”?

Every Brand Review is absolutely hands on, engaging and uncovers hidden benefits that most often have been over looked, assuring that you will have a clear understanding of your what your brand mission is and how to achieve your Business Goals.

Through strategic guidance, Rocco Castellano assists you in discovering and developing your unique brand and fan base through the proper understanding of  Who you are… What you are about…  and What you stand for.

Rocco Castellano knows exactly how to help you establish your voice, tell your story, and create your “Battle Cry” to over come any challenges your  business may encounter… he’s seen it all in his 30 plus years.