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“Trust me”…don’t wait until you’re 65 and retired to have fun

By on February 3, 2009
Cast of "Trust Me" the TNT TV Series

Cast of "Trust Me" the TNT TV Series

Today’s blog may be somewhat morbid but sometimes reality is a little morbid.  I don’t get to watch TV much except for late at night just before I go to sleep.  I usually work until about 2 am in the morning and get to sleep around 3 am.

I know you really don’t want to hear about my work habits so I’ll get on with my story.  One thing that technology has brought to us and in my opinion is the greatest invention is the DVR and On Demand TV.  It allows me to watch shows that I know I could never watch at there regular times and on this night I decided to watch a brand new show on TNT called “Trust Me”.

The show is Set against the backdrop of the high-pressure world of advertising, TRUST ME focuses on Mason (Eric McCormack) and Conner (Tom Cavanagh), a pair of ad men whose strong creative partnership has served the firm of Rothman Greene & Mohr extremely well over the years. Mason, an art director, is a responsible, workaholic family man with a beautiful wife, Erin , two children and an undying loyalty to the brands he helps sell. By contrast, his writing partner, Conner (Cavanagh), is a single, impulsive copywriter with the attention span of a teenager.  Their yin-yang relationship is put to the test when Mason is named a creative director of the agency, making him Conner’s boss. The series follows the changing dynamics between the two friends, who are better together than they are apart.  Now that I have totally pimped the show… and the reason for the blog post is a certain quote.

If you’re reading this you probably have read some of my stuff before and realize that I’m a little eccentric and I get my inspiration from the strangest things…if this is your first time reading anything from me…stop! and do you homework first. Go read a couple of blog posts.

In this episode there is a scene where Mason and Connor are writing on an idea board and talking about how they see there lives.  Mason blurts out “I’m  gonna work ’til I’m 65 and the day after I retire, I’m gonna drop dead”.  This statement although funny in context to the scene, stuck with me and was the inspiration for this post because I’ve known more friend’s fathers that did just that.  Worked at least 40 years pushing and pushing to make the money so they could retire and live the good life…and a couple days after I was in a funeral home paying my respects.

The reality as I see it, after 65 you have on average 10-15 years to enjoy…WTF.  If you’re lucky you will live to be well into your 90’s but really who’s that lucky? You work 40 years and then have an average of 15 years to enjoy the fruits of your labor…no friggin’ way.  Today is when you need to live your life.

A good friend and mentor of mine named Adrian Kessler lived a great life, wealthy, healthy…hiked all the time, traveled everywhere but died before he was 80 years old. One of the healthiest people I knew just died…now most people will think that sad but really it isn’t.  He lived everyday like it was his last and even on his last day he was doing something he loved…hiking.  The day he died I changed my life.

If you are living in survival mode get to a stable place.  If you are living beyond your means with credit cards…cut them up and bring yourself back to reality.  If you are working 14 hour days and don’t see your family…stop it and find another way to make money and be with your loved ones.  If you suck at keeping your money (like me) find someone who doesn’t (like I did…my partners).

This is about living the good life now…not in some distant future.  Yes, I know what you are saying that this is a fitness blog and I should be talking about great exercises to do to get your fat ass into skinny jeans.  That is usually what this blog is about but fitness and health are inter-connected and the better you take care of your life, the more your life will take care of you.  You will be happier when you have peace of mind.

“Trust me”…I’m living proof.  Happiness doesn’t come in a wallet, in a car, a house or someone’s bed.  It comes from waking up every morning to sunshine, blue skies and loving everything you do that day.

Don’t wait until the day after you retire to be happy…because you may just “drop dead”.

Rocco, you couldn’t be more right on with this post! My dad decided to retire last year in March, “at the end of just one more school year”. He was a high school teacher for 38 years. So, he was going to retire in May of 2008. On April 9th, 2008, the day BEFORE his 65th birthday and two months BEFORE the end of the school year, he died of a heart attack! He was totally in shape, swam a mile 5 mornings a week! But it didn’t matter!

I am totally living my life now! I don’t care how many people tell me to “get a real job”. My life is now and life is too short to not live it to it’s fullest. Aaron and I hike in the Sandias every Monday and work “jobs” doing exactly what we want to do, living our dreams! I will NEVER regret my life!