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To Lose Weight Fast…Choose a Fitness & Weight Loss Program You Can Live With

By on February 16, 2009

Choose a Fitness and Weight Loss program you can live with …don’t try to live with the program.  What does that mean?

Try to fit your lifestyle into the program you are beginning and you will have greater potential for success.  I see too many people try to fit their lives into a Fitness and/or Weight Loss Program and more often then not it becomes to overwhelming.  Many so-called quick weight loss programs have you cooking and eating foods you have never heard of let alone have ever eaten.  Now I’m all for expanding your horizons but I don’t advise doing it on a new weight loss program.  Also, make your workouts easy to do or get to.  It wouldn’t be wise to join a gym that is on the other side of your universe.  Get a program you can do at home or outside near your home and you will find it’s easy to not find too many excuses.

It is always better to find a program that is flexible and will fit into your lifestyle.  It doesn’t make sense to change everything you do to try to lose weight and then once the weight is lost, you go back to the same routine that got you fat in the first place.

Take a gander at my latest video to help you choose a program you can live with.

I enjoy your messages, Roc. You always think them through.

I love me some cookies 🙂 Last time I ate was during Christmas. By the way, I am thinking of training on the lose 30 in 30 between March an April, for a month or so.


I eat them every night but I’ve switched over to Soy (juice) Milk for the dipping process.

Hey Roc,

I totally agree with this.

You should never deprive yourself of food because you will be setting yourself up for a really bad rebound and eventually gain more weight than you lost, if any. At the same time, you have to make sure that the foods you are eating are clean and healthy 90% of the time and then be able to allow yourself to enjoy life’s pleasures. Most of all, work out hard!!!

Another thing that I see that just kills momentum is program hopping. People will try a program and then when the “latest and greatest” comes out they want to jump on that.

That’s a huge setback…stay consistent with a program that works.

Donovan “DFitnessguy” Owens

Womens Fitness and Health
Hutto, Texas Fitness Boot Camp