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To help you Lose Weight Fast…I can’t be a nice guy

By on January 21, 2009

I was going to make a video of this but it created such an anger inside of me I just had to write it down.  I am not going to cuddle your fat ass as some of my contemporaries do.  I will not be nice to you just because I want you to buy my products.  In this case as in most cases when it comes to fitness or fatness the customer is not always right.  In fact you are usually wrong or you wouldn’t be fat.  That’s the reality.

I have been e-mailed anonymously on more than one occasion about my crude language or the temperament at which I dispense information.  There are many other fitness experts out in the wilderness of the fitness industry that will be more than willing to tell you “that it’s not your fault”, “that you’ll be alright”.  That is not the case here I want you to lose weight fast.  If you don’t like the way I give away my FREE information…than don’t read it!  If you are to complain about how I distribute my fitness information than you are the idiot for reading it.

You don’t have to opt-in and sign up for my… again… FREE information.

Losing weight fast is a hard job no matter what the idiotic TV commercials tell you and it is your fault.  You didn’t just wake up one day and arrive FAT.  Are you willing to consider losing all that fat on your body as a part time job that might at times suck? I live under the assumption that no one has time for the bullshit and the sugar coating of how life is so wonderful and full of cherries and ice cream.  If you live under that rainbow than I’m not the guy you want Captaining your ship…go find Richard Simmons or Denise Austin.  That ain’t me!

My expertise is in extreme, safe weight loss and preparing women for swimsuit competition…and it is competition.  Both of these areas involve complete dedication and determination on the part of the client, customer or participant.  My programs work…bottom line!

I want you to get in the best shape of your life and lose weight fast without all the pettiness of worrying about hurting your feelings.

I get on Fat people because I love my fellow man and want the suffering to stop at the hands of fat but nothing has been done to help change the “FAT ATTITUDE”.  An attitude of complacency, denial and rhetoric.  Fat is not acceptable and endangering a child’s life via childhood obesity is not acceptable. I liken my method’s to that of slapping a 1 year old’s hand when he reaches for the electrical outlet.  Yes, it stings for a moment but it has saved them from death by electrocution.  My approach might sting a bit but it will save you from a life of illness and premature death.

So if you want me to be nicer…I won’t.  If you want me to stop the profanity…I won’t.   If you want to lose weight fast… I will help.  If you believe that I am the devil incarnate then please stop reading my blog and opt out of my e-mail list because I don’t want to talk to you.

Other than that…have a nice day!

Adam Toohey says:


Great post mate. Call it like it is. Too many people will dance around the truth, the real hardcore truth. No one else stuffs cookies or twinkies into your mouth except yourself. It is a choice, sometimes an unconscious choice based on emotions, habits and patterns of behavior. But… it is still a choice. People need to wake up, take responsibility and make it happen. No one else will do it for you.

Thanks again mate

Adam Toohey

LeAnn says:

Tell it like it is Rocco! Keep it coming, most of us need to hear it!

Kelly Olexa says:

Nice doesn’t work!! Keep it up dude. You ROCK.


Heather Hall says:

Hey Rocco! I used to be one of those trainers that coddled my clients and wanted to make them feel good about themselves no matter what, then I finally came to my senses and realized that doesn’t work!! I only wish I could be as hard core as you, but I think I would come off as pretty fake. I have definitely become more straight up with my clients and tell them like it is, but it seems like I need to be even more straight up cause several of them still don’t listen and make excuses all the time. some have been doing my bootcamps since this summer and still haven’t lost a pound and it ticks me off! I’ll keep reading your blog and get more inspiration from you. You tell it exactly like it is, and you’re a jerk, but that’s what I like about you!! 🙂 Take care and God bless!


Nii Wilson says:

Hey Rocco even the bible says the truth shall set you free. Since you are already facing the truth I am sure there are others that you will free at the same time.

Take it easy. PEACE

Nii Wilson

Masamba Zuberi says:

That Rocco is meaner than a snake.