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Thug Kitchen Cookbook: Eat like you give a F*ck

By on March 7, 2015

Thug Kitchen CookbookNow this is a cookbook I can get behind. I’m actually a great chef but any trailer that can use the word F*ck as much as I do, I felt I had to support. Profanity aside it’s actually an excellent cookbook for those who have skills or don’t in the kitchen. The authors use real ingredients that you can get anywhere and don’t have to break the bank or increase your carbon footprint driving all over town to find “secret” ingredient.

I’m not a Vegan by any stretch of the imagination. I also don’t plan on becoming one anytime soon but it is always a great addtion to anyones’s kitchen toolbox to be able to cook vegetables in a variety of ways.

Thug Kitchen Cookbook

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My favorite pieces of the book are the way the Thug Kitchen Cookbook gives you an actual plan to start cooking your food no matter what kind of kitchen you have. If you have a huge kitchen or a hole in the wall kitchen sharing a stove and a bathtub on 75th & 5th… you can still get good, nutritious food into your body and not spend hours sweating your ass off or spend a shitload of money.

I’ve included several photos of the basics that Thug Kitchen Cookbook provides. The “Pantry Shit” section gives you a good background on what every kitchen should have and each recipe is spelled out for literally… anyone. Even if you are a retarded monkey and you’ve never held a knife in your hand, you can still follow these recipes.

I have stacks of cookbooks in my pantry that I have read many, many times over and my too favorites are the Thug Kitchen Cookbook and Taste of Tuscany. Obviously they are on two opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to cooking but I love to cook classically but every now and then you have to throw down like a Thug.

Here’s one of the recipes in the book: Thug Kitchen Cookbook

Grab yourself a copy of Thug Kitchen Cook by clicking the link: