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This is why America’s Fat… lazy dog walking!

By on February 27, 2009

lazy-dog-walkerMost people decide to get a dog to enhance their life. Many studies have shown that adding a dog into your life actually increases the chances you’ll live longer and with a better quality of life.

The reasons are different for everyone but increased exercise by having to walk your dog tops the list of almost all the surveys done. Maybe the person in the photo forgot to read the literature…or maybe he got hit on the head when he was young…or maybe he is just the friggin’ laziest pet owner I have ever seen.

No matter what the actual reason is doesn’t explain how someone could consciously say, “come on Sparky!..lets go out”, place a leash on the dog and sit his fat ass in the driver’s seat of his Mitsubishi, pull out of his driveway and drive down the street with his dog in tow.  It must be me because there is something amiss about this whole procedure.

How can someone be that lazy? Well…it never ceases to amazes me at the lengths people will go to be lazy. Why even get a dog if you’re that lazy? Why not get a cat? …or a Gerbil? (they exercise on there own) Maybe it’s a reminder that Gerbils have more sense then he does.  It doesn’t really matter…this guy without a doubt is the “Laziest Pet Owner” in the world!

Liz Donnelly says:

Poor Fido better watch his back while his sloth of an owner backs his car out of the driveway.


Adam Toohey says:

Now I really have seen everything…

Lazy and Dangerous… dog comes off the leash and gets hit by a passing car? … incredible

Adam Toohey

Joe from Columbus says:


This is actually nothing recent. American satirist Joe Queenan had a guy like this driving through his neighborhood. He wrote about it in his 2002 book “Balsamic Dreams: A Short, But Self-Important History of the Baby Boomer Generation”. Check it out: it’s hilarious.

What made it even more infuriating was that the guy neither cleaned up after his dog nor did he even live in Queenan’s neighborhood (he didn’t even have the decency keep his egregious behavior in his own ‘hood).

Hope to see ya at Ah-Nold Fest.


This is sad beyond words. It’s a great picture and shows the reality of physical fitness in America.

Chris Melton

Doug Parra says:

You were right Rocco that picture is pretty amazing but also pretty sad. I love this country but why is it when I see that picture does the quote “Only in America” come to mind? People really do have their priorities all out of whack. It’s time for change or people’s days on this earth on numbered.