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This is the Stupidest Abdominal Machine I Have Ever Seen

By on November 17, 2008

…Well maybe not as stupid as the Hula Chair.

Please watch this video about the AB Solo. This thing reminds me of going to Dave & Busters…but oh that’s right you’re in a gym playing hoops will a medicine ball. Is this what the fitness industry has come down to…having to create a game like atmosphere to get people to do something. What’s next…collect tickets and win the prize on the “Big Prize” shelf… or maybe Skeeball for shoulder workouts…and we can always bring back “Ring the Bell”. I was really good at that. Go to: and try to find a price for me, because I couldn’t find one.

If this is the revolution in abdominal fitness I feel sorry for the fitness industry.

Rocco Castellano says:

Isn’t that the truth. There will be people using this product at gyms and $7 an hour trainers will be recommending this to members. I want to be the chiropractor in that city.

Mickey says:

It reminded me of the hilarious Wii Fit Parody. Unfortunately, these people are serious.

Scubadan says:

If you pretend to order it, you will find it costs $1995. WOW that is expensive. I have seen something similar to this machine at a gym I have been too before though (but I did not try it).

Ana says:

Price is revealed only after you put it in your shopping cart. $1995. And $75 for each medicine ball. That buys a lot of years at the gym….

Thank you for the good laugh.

Paula Manning-Lewis says:

HA! That just looks like a joke to me. Are you sure it’s not just some kind of Saturday Night Live skit? Too much! What will they come up with next?

Jowers Training systems says:

thanks for posting this rocco.

I hate this damn machine its a peice of crap. Real core training is deadlifting, squats, planks and pullups.

Yavor Marichkov says:

The machine looks stupid but expensive. It doesn’t teach people proper exercise bio mechanics. Injuries are likely to be aggravated…

What can I say…

If people would just do planks, crunches, mountain climbers, hindu squats and pushups – all free exercises you can do in your bedroom (without even making noise)

But that cannot be packaged and sold..