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There is No End to the Fitness Stupidity…Kettlenetics WTF

By on November 18, 2008

Put a Hot Asian women with a 10 year old’s voice and you get Michele Khai. Supposedly she is an International Fitness Authority that no one I know has ever heard of. This squeaky voiced “Fitness Authority” has decided to cash in on the Kettlebell craze by creating a program that has nothing to do with Kettlebells. She calls them KBells but they are so small that the movements seem insignificant.

Kettlebells are used to create resistance through full or semi-full body movement. The Kettlenetics program looks like something that 5 year old would do. Kettlebells this light could make a mouse sweat let alone a full grown women.

So called “International Fitness Authority” Michelle Khai shows off her Kettlenetics program.

Real Kettlebell Training as shown in this video by a “Real” International Fitness Authority (she’s from Canada)and is also a Hot Asian woman, Tricia Dong.

Big Difference!

Amaris says:

Okay, I’m going to get reamed for this, but hear me out.
While 4lbs is laughable, true, I live in NY with tons of starving, ‘skinny fat’ resistance training-averse women that would find something LIKE this (not exactly, but you get me) to be a great introduction to the benefits of weight-training, especially since the movements are disguised as aerobics. Kind of like that rediculous mini-pilates machine that came out a while ago. Many women in this day are still afraid of the weight room, and a 4-yr old “see it doesn’t hurt” weight intro would be a good segue into the world of weights.

Barry Lovelace says:


I think I crapped out something heavier than that today!

And there is yet another ‘authority’.

No wonder our country is confused!

We need more ROCCO’S!

Rocco Castellano says:

I don’t even think they are that heavy. They’re so small I was thinking about buying one to put on my keychain.

Fitness Formula Pro says:

I didn’t even know they made kettlebells so worthlessly small.

People need to understand that resistance has to be somewhat challenging if you want to change your body.

Four pounds, for the vast majority of people, just won’t cut it.

Stephen Holt

Rocco Castellano says:

I don’t even think the Gay community would endorse this type of exercise. The belly button reference is too funny.

Elliott says:

thats the dumbest shit ive evr seen… the “K bell” looks like a freaking belly button ring that belongs on Angelina Jolie’s shaved poodle.