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The truth will set you free in your quest to lose weight fast.

By on January 22, 2009

Yesterday’s post was filled with a little venom and a lot of truth.  That is what I’m about…truth.

I’m not only built for telling you the truth about fat, the reasons for fat, and the stupidity that brings us to become fat but I am about helping you find that truth in you.  Very seldom do we take a gaze inside to see what’s really wrong.  We make excuses for how we became fat like… “I’m too busy to workout”, “My husband loves me just the way I am”, “I had 3 kids, I’ll never be the  same size I was when I was twenty”…this is not reality.  It may be a reality with in your own head but it isn’t reality.  If you take the time to look within yourself you will eventually see that you have made your life so busy…so complicated…so crazy… to avoid telling yourself the truth and that truth is based in fear.

Fear rules our world.  Bosses use fear tactics to increase productivity, children use fear tactics for your love, husbands use fear tactics to keep you home and then in your own environment fear runs rampant.  The economy sucks…will I lose my job?  Obama got elected… will he do a good job? Will I make the mortgage this month?  You ask yourself all these questions with panic in your heart but never do you ask how am I today? What have I done for myself today?

The truth is once you look deep inside your brain…not your heart…you will find that you are doing everything for everyone else because you are looking for their approval in some way and you are afraid to not have their approval.  It’s hard to look within and face your truth, believe me I had to many times…even a tough guy like myself had plenty of fears.  I won’t bore you with all of them right now but feel confident in knowing that you are definitely not alone.

Do yourself a favor and step back from your life for a weekend and take a vacation for one.  No spouses…no children…no parents…no friends…no pets…no alcohol…no people that you actually know at all.  Complete solitude.  This itself might scare the shit out of you because your greatest fear may be that you don’t like being in your own skin, but that’s the point. Face your fears, know your fears and create a plan to conquer your fears.  The problem is you can’t do the third one without having done the first two.

I have found that to lose weight fast you only have to face the fears that don’t involve the symptom of fat.  Taking fat out of the equation will give you the freedom to pursue what is really causing you to become fat.  Once you have created a “fear free” environment the fat falls away like the fears that imprisoned you.  Upon completion of your little weekend of solitude you may find yourself facing your greatest fears of… leaving your spouse…quitting your job…taking up volunteer work…being a better parent…caring more for a loved one….

Either way once those fears have been exposed you will now have the power to acheive whatever you set out to do.  If it is losing weight then I promise it will come much easier and with out as much pain as you feared it would.