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The Perricone Promise…Profits…Profits and more Profits.

By on November 14, 2008

I am a huge fan of capitalism…HUGE FAN. Dr. Perricone has every right to sell anything he wants but I want you and the fans of the Oprah show to realize that because she has a huge audience it will be used to promote …for a price… certain products. Dr. Perricone is bought and paid for by MonaVie as for the evidence shown here.

This is not a slam against Dr. Perricone or the Acai Berry, it is just a statement to beware of the scams that come from the spoken word of a frequent guest on Oprah’s Show.

Also MonaVie is not a scam! It is a legitimate company that makes a good product. I want you to be discerning when it come to the “Acai Berry Diet Cleanses” that are scams.

Look at these pictures of Dr. Perricone’s store on Madison Avenue (NYC).

1. Outside day shot, Madison Avenue, Storefront

2. Outside night shot, HUGE MonaVie display
3. Inside Front Desk, Large MonaVie Poster featuring Acai & 18 other fruits

4. Inside Display Case, Dr. Perricone’s Office
5. Inside Lobby featuring MonaVie bottle!