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The Party for Change…Obama’s Message Speaks volumes.

By on November 5, 2008

I have been a registered republican ever since I graduated high school and was able to vote for Ronald Reagan, but last night was a historical event of epic proportions.

Barack Obama a relative unknown, with very little political experience has captured the highest office in this democracy. It literally is nothing shy of amazing. I hear pundits griping about how much money he raised, how Hollywood was behind him, how Oprah was secretly funding his campaign and every other “losers” excuse. The reality is that he was determined and he had a specific goal in mind and he persue it with all the vigor he could muster. He also ran on an ideal that; in this country a relative unknown, bi-racial candidate actually had a shot of living in the White House. His mantra of “Yes We Can” struck an emotional cord threw the hearts and minds of individuals in a country divided by a war and the worst economy since the depression.

“Yes We Can”…”Yes We Can”. It is my wish that all the overweight and unfit in America will lead a new charge, and seek real change in their health, well being and become free from the prison of fatness that encompasses their body.

Barack Obama has shown you and the world that living in America really is the land of opportunity and the opportunity to get fit and lose all the weight that you want is a real possibility…and it’s about time you reap those rewards. The time for change is now! Your future and quality of life depends on it!

You can begin that journey right now at:

Psychomom says:

I didn’t like the it when it kind of turned into preaching at the end. I just hope we can all pull together and fix the mess we all created.

magpie says:

I’m a republican and I voted for Obama.

Yes we can!