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The Legend of Snoopi…a true streets to treats saga.

By on September 3, 2008

If you didn’t know Snoopi you were missing a lot. The legend of Snoopi is a long one so I try to keep it short.

My former fiance’ and I rescued Snoopi one rainy day after she was nearly run over by her. The rescue wasn’t an easy one because nothing was ever easy with Snoopi. We decided to take our dog Bosco for a walk to have him try to help us find this scrawny little street urchin. We were out there for about an hour when just as we were turning back to go home we spotted a little beagle following a family of redneck children that looked worse off then she did. Snoopi was biting at that littlest ones ankles.

I asked the little one of fourteen children following there mother like the Pied Piper heading for the river, if the dog was theirs. Sally Who, said that it was following them for the past 10 minutes and she couldn’t shake her loose.

Bosco automatically thought Snoopi was a tasty little snack and asked for some A1 Steak Sauce, we declined and Christina scooped up Snoopi weighing all of 12 lbs.

We didn’t know what this little street dog had gotten herself into but we knew it wasn’t good. At first Bosco hated Snoopi, the Vet told us that some one had kicked her so hard that her jaw was broken and gave her a permanent snaggle tooth and Shit-eaten grin and on top of that she had doggy pneumonia.

We got her all cleaned up and Christina tried hard to find her a good home, since Bosco wanted her out ASAP. Within 3 weeks there was no takers but The Snoopster started growing on Bosco.

So in my 5 year old fashion with my own puppy dog look on my face, I asked Christina if we could keep Snoopi…it didn’t go well. She kept looking for a good home and in my ultimate 5 year old annoyingly persistent begging I finally wore her down and Snoopi was ours to keep.

Now that Snoopi was a certified addition to our house Bosco and she were like Bonnie and Clyde forever running up and down the stairs in the apartment and my gym. Clients loved them as if they were their own an actually liked them more than me from what I’ve been told.

I will never forget the time she got me in trouble with one of my clients. This is friggin’ hysterical. One day I’m training my female client and in her pain and struggle to perform the set of exercises she would close her eyes. This instance she’s on the mat and struggling to do a leg exercise when all of a sudden Snoopi comes up and licks her face…my clients screams: “ROCCO what the F**k are you doing!” I couldn’t talk, let alone breath because I was laughing so hard. When my client finally realized what happened we both couldn’t stop laughing, so I had to re-schedule the workout.

Snoopi was forever sneaking into the changing room and stealing clients bras and hiding them in the bedroom. I know it sounds like I’m trying to cover up some shenanigans on my part but I was forever trying to locate clients bras, sometimes I wouldn’t find them for 2 weeks.

We had a mouse in the house for about six months until Snoopi came to live with us and I guess the mouse bugged her while she was sleeping under the bed. So she threw the mouse down the stairs and into the backyard and left it for me as to say: “I kicked the mouses ass now give me a treat”.

My fiance Christina and I broke up and we decided that Bosco and Snoopi would be better off living with Christina. It was a great decision and I was given visitation. Christina is the best pet owner any pet could ever dream of having and I know Snoopi appreciated living in literally “the lap of luxury”.

But this past week Snoopi had come down with a gall bladder and liver problem that was insurmountable and Christina made the heart wrenching decision to end Snoopi’s suffering. I grief for Christina and Bosco and will always have a huge piece of Snoopi in my memories. Snoopi, thanks for being the best friend any man or woman could ever ask for.

April's Fitness Journey says:

Oh Rocco so sorry to hear about Snoopi. Sounds like you all had a great time together while he was here though.
I bet at least once it really WAS you pulling off those shenanigans though!