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The Fitness Celebrity Branding Summit…and a little Bootcamp

By on September 9, 2009

Although I put on one of the greatest fitness branding summits in the world with more information then anyone has ever seen, I also decided to show some of the attendees the way I do Boot Camps. I’m not a big fan of workout stations, a shitload of equipment, or robotic music and tempo  ques, so I put all my fitness pro attendees through an askROCCO Bootcamp…Viva La Moutain Climbers…and negative push ups.

Most people think of me as an asshole…and I where that as a badge of honor because I don’t care for excuses and bullshit, but really why not make it a little easier on your clients. Allow them to only bring …water, a mat and maybe a towel.  The bootcamps that make participants bring their own equipment (like suitcases full of dumbbells, bands, and other stupid shit) create a little bit of a burden on participants and I believe limit the bootcamp owners revenue streams.

So here’s a little bit of what I put my fitness pros through and compared it to a station based program.

Tell me what you think…

Watch the video below: