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The First Family of Fitness…Pat and Holly Rigsby

By on February 13, 2009


I don’t think there are two people in the fitness industry who have made a greater impact then Pat and Holly Rigsby.  Some may think I’m blowing smoke up their asses because they’re friends of mine but it’s the truth.

Pat Rigsby came from humble beginnings and with determination and a genuine caring for other people’s needs has literally …with his partner, Nick Berry, changed the face of fitness and the fitness professional.  He has given fitness pros the tools to accept the challenges to achieve their dreams both monetarily and mentally.  He has changed unfocused serial entrepreneurs into profitable revenue generating juggernauts by creating the very systems they seek.

Pat doesn’t take all the credit because he knows how to hand pick like minded individuals to carry forward the message that, “All Fitness Professionals with guidance can attain Six and Seven Figure incomes”…and he’s proving it everyday…just take a look at his successes and client list.

And one of those successes is his own wife and significant part of this First family, Holly.  Holly Rigsby has turned her own “MILF” like status into a goal for all busy moms.  She’s been able to electrify a community of once doomed to “frumpiness” moms and shown them that it is possible to have children, a job, a husband…and still be “F@#kin'” Hot!

She has been able to create a legion of “MILF” wanna-be’s and have given them a name…”Fit Yummy Mummies”, obviously after her unbelievably popular, Fit Yummy Mummy program and community.  All of this while letting us in on the growth and happiness of her son Tyler.  Her genuine nature breathes of freshness and vulnerability that almost anyone, men and women alike can relate to and it has become her strength.

This is my tribute to honor two people who I have come to respect and who have given an industry that I had turned my back on years ago a new dimension and a viable future.  Thank you Pat and Holly for all you’ve done.

The First Family of Fitness is right!

There are a couple of really genuine people left at the top of the fitness game and your looking at 2 of them.

Tyler is pretty damn awesome too!

Donovan “DFitnessguy” Owens

Busy Womens Fitness and Health
Hutto Boot Camp

You are absolutely right!

Val Fujii says:

I totally agree with you Rocco and that’s very nice of you to pay
tribute to Pat and Holly. They have worked really hard to accomplish where they are now in their career and a great example for the fitness industry. They are definitely a wonderful and inspiring couple.


Liz Donnelly says:

Nice pic! The Rigsby’s are an uber-family: super inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Is that a chimp I see behind you?