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The Biggest Bench Press Mistakes That are Holding You Back

By on July 21, 2009

When my partner and professional power lifter AJ Roberts told me he was creating a FREE video that talks about the mistakes that most people when trying to increase their bench press…I was ecstatic.

AJ came over here from London to pursue his career as a professional powerlifter, and pursue he did…crushing personal bests like they were peanut shells on the floor, AJ soon became one of the top bench presser’s in the world.

I sat down with him not too long ago at the IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Asssociation) Summit and had an awesome interview Click here to see it.  If you’re having trouble with your bench press or just want to add more pounds on to it then do yourself a favor and check out AJ’s FREE Video that reveals the Biggest Mistakes made that keep holding you back.

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Junita Zange says:

Awesome post, thanks. Been attempting to lose weight with the Cambridge diet these past few months and it’s going amazingly well. Will try and update soon to let you guys know how it’s going, so far I’ve lost 20 pounds in 5 months!

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