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The amazing excuses of FAT People…

By on May 12, 2010

fat-woman-exercise-clothesObviously most people know me for telling it like it is… and if you don’t know me, please avert your eyes from what’s about to happen.

I posted this photo yesterday on Facebook with the caption, “Here’s a hint… if you are this fat, don’t wear clothes like this… even if you’re exercising“.

If you haven’t guessed it, I got the desired result I wanted.   46 comments with me in the middle, but so divided and as it would be, some people sided with me and other people really didn’t get the point and others were just festering in their rage that I would actually say something about fat people and they just really didn’t get it.

fat-woman-yellowI’m still baffled… didn’t they get the memo, Rocco is a fucking asshole when it comes to fat people showing off their fatness.!

No matter what, this is stupid for so many reasons… the most important being that if you are this fat and you think it’s a good idea to wear clothes like this… buy clothes that fit and not extenuate your fat rolls.