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The Acai Berry Scam Diets Continue…

By on December 3, 2008

Here is a message I received from one of my subscribers. This absolutely pisses me off. All of these scam diets use Google Adwords to drive unsuspecting buyers to their sites and offer them a free trial only to “steal” money from them:

“I just want to make you aware that I clicked on a link from your web site for
acai berry and some type of cleansing free trial. After ordering them they sold my card
number to another company who in turn charged my card with $89.31 with out my
permission. When I read the privacy policy on acai berry web site it says they will
sell your information. Just letting you know so you can take that link off your web site.”

Thank you

I have decided not to use “Google” ads on my sites anymore because I can’t be associated with this sort of “Scam”. It is my job to expose the scams not perpetuate them.

Here’s a tip: Any website that says “Acai Berry Diet Cleanse” and “I lost 32, 42, 48, or whatever amount of weight” and is a website that’s called either: “”, or, I think you get the picture. If it say’s phrases like that you can bet you will get scammed.

Please do not click on these ads they will steal your money.

Here are some of the websites that are scams:

They are different blogs but have the same photos on them.  It’s a little ironic…don’t you think.  They will all have the same type of URL and profile.

If you have been taken by one of these websites, please contact me and I will do my best to dismember their business “limb by limb”.

Thanks for the info Rocco. You wouldn’t believe how many sites there are just like the ones you mentioned. I have a page on my site that I’m keeping track of these kinds of BS sites. I’ve got about 30 already and it only took me 1 day to find those. I’m still digging and finding more.

Check out the list so far If you or anyone knows of anymore please let me know and I will add it.


Sam says:

yeah i got scammed. at first the operator wouldn’t let me cancel, the finally she said she’d refund me after i quoted the money-back policy on the website. the money looked like it was back in my account, and now i’ve got overdraft fees because it was taken back out. jerks.their stuff doesn’t even work. it was actually making me sick. i told the operator this and she was still trying to push it on me. well anyway the fee was supposedly refunded and then taken back out agian, which makes no sense. it was from one of those dieting blog things. i don’t remember which one specifically but yeah they all look exactly alike.

Susan says:

Hey Folks…just out here hitting every blog I can find about the Acai berry free trial scam!!! Whatever you do…don’t order it. They charged my cc twice in 10 days for over $180 in product and there is not a working customer service number to be found. I had to cancel my card today and am disputing the transactions. By the way, the product was garbage.

Jim Labadie says:

WOW, Rocco! I’d never have thought about google ads on a blog leading to this. But it’s a great lesson learned.

It used to be Hoodia that was the big scam supplement out there. But now it’s Acai Berry. Weight loss doesn’t come from a pill. It comes from nutrition, exercise, discipline, patience…

Supplements are meant to do just that – supplement. They fill in the nutritional cracks. They support your efforts of regular exercise and healthy eating.

Jim Labadie

psychomom says:

Well that is one way to get you to lose weight, they steal your money so you can’t afford to eat. Sons-a-bitches!