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Business Branding Testimonials

Adam Toohey, Toronto, Canada by way of Australia

Donovan Owens, Hutto, Texas

Doug Parra, Orlando, Florida

“Before I met Rocco, I was a successful physical therapist and fitness professional who was ready to set himself apart from others in the industry. I had ideas but didn’t know where to start or where to go for the right information. I was completely lost and new to the internet fitness world…then I met Rocco.

Rocco made me challenge what I thought about myself and dig right down to the core of what I wanted. Within a few weeks, he’d helped me create the cornerstone of my brand: My personalized blog.

Now I have an incredible, professional looking branded blog that has allowed me to expand my business while helping more people. Not only that, he’s given me the tools to keep my brand growing, in an easy to understand, step-by-step manner…it couldn’t be any easier!

With Rocco in my corner, I went from having ideas to having a solid brand that represented me, my vision and my mission.

Rocco not only knows his stuff, but he delivers!

Thanks Rocco!

Dev Chengkalath
Registered Physical Therapist
“Canada’s Leading Authority in Human Movement”

Check Out Dev’s Video Testimonial as Well Below:

“Rocco you have literally taken me by the hand step by step as has shown me how to brand my boot camp business, myself, and my company to stand out in a place like NYC. Rocco thanks for clearing the fog/info-overload and nonsense and telling me exactly what I need to do. Thanks for killer marketing pieces and branding materials that will represent and position me as…

1) A respected business professional not just “Joe Shmuck the trainer”

2) An expert in your local area

I could literally write a 3 page report on what Rocco has done for me but I will give you a short list

1)  In 10 days Top of GOOGLE with multiple listings on first page of GOOGLE outranking my old website and sites that have ranked for years.

2) He created sales copy that works for my FREE TRIAL membership boot camp cards and my website

3) Created a KILLER website in NO TIME that top professionals in our field have congratulated me on

4) Changed 1 thing on my website that had 4-6 people calling me over the weekend

5) Given me tips on what REALLY works in social media and the time it REALLY requires. (you should get his social media product when it is released)

Rocco is the best kept secret when it comes to…

a) marketing (online and offline)

b) Social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogging

c) SEO (this skill alone will help you transform your business)

Rocco I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom experience and time you invested in someone like me that is truly passionate about helping others while making a good income.

Nii Wilson
Owner, No BS NYC Boot Camps
Central Park, New York City

‘Rocco opened my eyes to branding and how it cannot only help me focus personally, but how it will drastically change my business. This is something that was a ‘thought’ in the past, but Rocco stressed the importance of branding as well as the need.


We have already tested our brand in emails to get the feel from our current list and the response has been great.

We are very excited to move forward and reap the benefits branding after consulting with Rocco.

Thanks Rocco!

Barry Lovelace