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Syndicate MMA: Now this is a F*cking Gym!

By on March 19, 2015

Syndicate MMAI’ve walked into thousand’s of gyms across America and many in Europe… and I’m so glad I live in Las Vegas. I get to go every afternoon to the best gym I’ve ever been in. When I first started going I was looking for a place that I could throw around some iron and hit the heavy bag… I’ve been itching to put the gloves back on. No, I don’t have “unfinished business down in the basement”. If you don’t get the reference and live under a fucking rock… go watch Rocky Balboa (Rocky VI). No, I have always felt that when I was banging on the heavy bag I was in the best shape aerobically. My two favorite conditioning training tools are my 18 speed road bike and a heavy bag… well, and a jump rope… so, three. Now I can hear all you assholes out there saying well just go buy a heavy bag… and I was going too, until I spotted Syndicate MMA out of the corner of my eye.

I met one of the instructors at a coffee shop about 8 months back. I started talking to him because he was wearing a “Syndicate MMA” t-shirt (fitness pros take note). He had told me it was off of Warm Springs Rd. and I combed Warm Springs all the way from Eastern all the way up to Durango… no Syndicate MMA… shit, where the fuck is it? It just so happened I was going to my bank and I noticed the logo out of the corner of my eye. When he said “off” Warm Springs, I didn’t think he meant it literally. It is really off behind a row of Light Industrial buildings “off” Warm Springs.

Now that I found it… after 8 months of procrastination, excuses and not knowing where the fuck it was, I was finally here and it was only 7 minutes from my house. I could ride my bike or if I was feeling a little frisky… actually, no that would never happen. I don’t even run when I’m being chased by the cops… so riding my bike it is. I walked through the doors… and it was like GOD built a gym and invited me.

Syndicate MMAThe second I walked in I was greeted by Casey, the general manager and was shown around the place… it’s a pretty big place so it took a while. Everyone was doing something… instructors were teaching Muay Thai to adults and kids, I think. I watched a young girl kick the shit out of a boy that was bigger than her… I couldn’t help but smile when I walked past. Casey showed me the locker rooms… they were clean. I was impressed, you can tell a lot about a gym with clean bathrooms… other than they’re clean, it shows attention to detail.

Directly to my right I was able to see all stages of combatants banging and kicking on about 20 or so 8ft heavy bags, girls, women, champion MMA fighters, I didn’t know their names (I’m not a huge fan) but everyone else did. Call me the odd man out. This is probably the second gym I’ve had a membership to in 35 years… you all know my escapades with the Planet Fitness down the street from me when I lived in Albuquerque, NM. If you don’t here’s a link to my column.

Syndicate MMAI walked passed a crowd of people on bleachers watching their son’s and daughters practicing what I think was Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They were all in Gi’s flipping each other onto the mat. As a former wrestler, I’m thinking about putting the singlet back on, Ok, maybe not singlet, a Gi would be more appropriate or maybe the Spider Man looking outfit that Casey is wearing for his workout. Did I say the place is huge, maybe I didn’t… the place is fucking huge. It’s got a regulation size boxing/muay thai ring, about 5000 square ft of mats, a 32 ft regulation UFC Octagon Cage and more iron than any gym should have. I counted 3 squat racks, 4 deadlift platforms, benches, hammer strength ground based stuff, ropes, probably 15 tires of all sizes inside and out… and my favorite, the 800lb Gorrilla. Or that’s what I call the 800lb truck tire that was calling my name in the softest of whispers, Rocco… Rocco… I eluded the temptress.

Syndicate MMAWhen I was walking through the weight area I almost bumped into what I can best describe as a human mountain named, Norm Turner… he’s gotta be 6′ 4″ 300lbs. I’m afraid to know what he throws up on a bench for reps… I’ll keep playing with my 80lb dumbbells and not get in Norm’s way. BTW… he’s the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Syndicate MMA. I’m glad because I was hoping he wasn’t going to be my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach… that would kinda suck. I’m 5′ 9″ 225lb… and not as fast as I once was.

This was really cool about Syndicate MMA…

Syndicate MMAI was shocked to find out that Syndicate MMA has current MMA champions, former MMA champs and many professional up and comers as their instructors. I got to watch a blonde girl train with “Daddy’s Girl” on her shorts… she made doing high kicks look so easy. It was awesome to see her do 15 kicks in a row and then switch feet like it was nothing. Trust me, I don’t have any delusions of grandeur… and her coach kept pushing her and she kept giving it back – niiiice!

Whenever you’re in Vegas or if you are a local you need to come down to Syndicate MMA and take part in their 3 day free trial. I really didn’t need the free trial to see how awesome the place was. As long as I live in Vegas… I’m training here.