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Sugar: The Bitter Truth… NOT!

By on November 10, 2010

Two huge points he made in the beginning need some clarification.

1) Genetics have “absolutely” changed in the last 30 years. The gene pool has become so mixed from different races as well as different cultures that the American skeleton and musculature is way different than it was 30 years ago.

2) Fructose is not the problem… “free floating” fructose is the problem, such as what is in High Fructose Corn Syrup. Fructose, the sugar from fruit does not act in the body the same way as it does when delivered through High Fructose Corn Syrup. Fructose when eaten in fruit is burned… and quite efficiently, I might add. Fructose delivered to the body as High Fructose Corn Syrup is stored directly as fat from the liver because your body burned the sucrose molecule and left the fructose floating around aimlessly. So the body in it’s own wisdom snatches it up and stores it so it can cause any potential damage.

I wish these doctors would get it right… now we will have millions of people thinking they shouldn’t be eating fruit… which by the way is better than vegetables for your digestive system but that’s for another post.

Here’s a little audio commentary from Rocco himself:

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Bob says:

Nice stuff and worth reviewing.
What do you think about some of the protein shakes out there with Fructose added for sweetness?

By the way, I’ve read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food. Great stuff. As a result, I’ve cut way back on my processed food and my waistline is showing good results (about 1 1/2 inches down) even though I haven’t had time to work out as much lately (work is too busy).

Quick trick on coffee, if you use better stuff and just mix a little bit more milk (1 or 2% organic) in, you don’t need any sweetener. I love sugar and the Intelligentsia Coffee we use doesn’t need it.

Same thing with tea. Use loose leaf tea and you don’t need sugar or sweetener.

Dale says:

That’s a great video, saw that few weeks ago. Nice post