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Sugar Tax?… Tax fat people not beverages!

By on December 17, 2008

Sugar Tax

The stupidity of NY politicians never ceases to amaze me.  I have read about 15 articles today about this so-called “sugar tax” and I have to tell you the New York Governor has risen to unmeasurable heights of stupidity.

Taxing sugary foods will do absolutely nothing to curb the obesity problem in New York.  What it will do is put a strain on an already fragile economy that has hit local grocery and convenience stores.  Say what you want about how High Fructose Corn Syrup has been the cause of obesity but you’re placing blame and punishment on the wrong people.  Beverage companies have every right to make their product. We as an intelligent or semi-intelligent people have every right not to drink their products.

Taxing the products will not cure obesity… ever.  Did banning trans-fats in restaurant food cure it or make people healthier? No.

The really stupid people, some of them are supposedly dietitians who point to what the smoking ban has done, and I ask what has it done?  Is lung cancer eradicated in NYC and other cities banning smoking.  No not really.  Is Cancer still one of the top three diseases we die from… of course it is.

Let’s realize this tax for what it is and save the rhetoric for some other bullshit!  This tax is being created because it’s easier to go after beverage companies than fat people.  If New York wants to curb the obesity problem start doing something you don’t have the balls to do… tax fat people.

John says:

I had a post on my blog about the “Fat Tax” on soda. Granted, my first thought was that is another misplaced attempt by the politicians, and I agree about the need for educating people about making positive choices, but then thinking about some more, I think I see the other side on this one. Not saying I agree with the logic – but looking at people in general, we respond to negative stimulus better than positive reinforcement – Ever get whacked on your rear as a kid? I can remember each and everytime. Most of the time I learned my lesson. Hard to recall the positive pats on the the back. But enjoy about my need for therapy…;-)

People respond to price increases or to negativity (remember any Presidential election commercials?)
Part of the education process is getting people to initially realize “Hey, I need to change this behavior…” Now if raising the cost of a soda, and costing them more money, is a way to get them to realize that need for change, is it all bad?


Kathy Clark says:

Inspired Rocco. It is amazing to me that the Government wants to Tax things thinking this is going to solve anything. Actually it is probably just a greed thing, they don’t really care. People love to eat and they hate to exercise. Americans are basically lazy and self-indulgent people. I am a prime example. LOL. But when the pain of being obese starts to take its toll, regret rears its ugly head and it is almost too late. We must move around more, do more and eat less. Thanks for sharing here. Maybe it will get some people’s attention before it is too late. God Bless.

Liz says:

If they tax fat people, then let’s hope the Madison Avenue modeling industry doesn’t get into government positions (ha!). We’d all be sashaying with our low fat, no muscle skeletal structures! The moment the government tells me how to be fit is when I move to an undisclosed offshore location!

I suppose if the beverage companies’ representatives were holding people at gunpoint and forcing cola down their gullets, then we might have a legitimate reason to tax them. I’m guessing arresting would be more effective, though.

It’s also interesting that only diet beverages are unaffected. You mean aspartame is quite all right? Acesulphame K (splenda)? These things make pure sugar look like health food.

Who’d be getting the kickback on this tax bill? What’s behind the smoke and mirrors?

-Liz Donnelly

psychomom says:

I’d rather see rewards for the fit/healthy people. Positive reinforcement is what works for me. It’s all in the attitude!

And I really enjoyed spending time in your kitchen watching you cook, dropping some eggs in with the pasta is a great time saver, thanks for the tip.

Jay says:

Gotta love how politicians never go for the heart of the problem. Maybe instead of trying to solve everything with taxes, which won’t solve the problems anyway, they can put physical education back into schools. They could create incentives to give to businesses that provide their employees with healthy benefits, such as gym memberships or credits for biking to work. Taxing doesn’t solve problems, but attacking the problem at its foundation usually does.

It is very frustrating trying to work with people who claim they want to change their lives, but don’t put in the work or who refuse to change their behaviors. Taxing won’t provide enough of an incentive for people to change their behaviors, especially when they’re addicted to sugar.

thefightgeek says:

I think you’d find there would be a lot of unintended consequences to a fat tax. It would also be near impossible to get broad public support for it, it would be difficult to implement and expensive.

I understand your frustration … it’s difficult watching the world eat itself to death … but I don’t think a tax can help people develop a healthy relationship to food and exercise … I think it’d more likely lead to a rise in crash dieting, more useless fat-loss products, increase in amphetamine use, higher rates of depression and suicide, parental abuse of overweight children, rise in costs of fitness services (further disadvantaging the people most in need of these services—the poor), etc. etc.

Just my 2 cents …

I’m enjoying your clips!



Antonio says:

Rocco – awesome!
Living in NYC I saw this early this morning
I already blogged about this first thing this am!
I agree 100% — People who don’t exercise should be taxed…
This will never resolve anything and in fact will encourage people to drink diet soda instead – diets sodas are not being taxed!!!

Wow – I haven’t been following this much – but higher taxes don’t seem to have curbed smoking, drinking or other vices…why would it curb sugary sodas? And as someone who has lost 100 lbs – I will say that I NEVER drank sugary sodas, I was a diet soda drinker – even at my heftiest.

So…I’m thinking this cures NOTHING.

I agree Rocco – not good for the economy…

I’m not sure you can tax fat…we can’t tax stupid, or lazy

OHHHH maybe we can heavily tax all sick people on their medications…then perhaps that will cure all illnesses??

Sheesh – there is some very flawed reasoning here.

Carrie Wilkerson
The Barefoot Executive