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Success… Never what you really expect!

By on June 16, 2009

success-2Yesterday I was working very diligently on a website for my first ever Fitness Celebrity Branding Summit” to be held here in Albuquerque, NM at the very awesome Tamaya Resort and Spa.  It got me thinking about my success, the 10,000 hour rule and what success really means.  It’s weird to look back and think that it was all bullshit!

If you look at my record by most standards I was extremely successful. I was a multi-millionaire in my 30’s, owned a bunch of real estate, was able to buy a baseball team, shuttle my ass around on private jets, buy an apartment in Italy, win awards like “Top 40 Business Person Under 40” and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In my eyes I wasn’t successful.  I was always chasing the money and working to make more… leaving carnage wherever I stood, emotional and physical. Success in my eyes, eluded me.  In 2004 I partnered up with probably one of the most intelligent people when it comes to branding and creating a monster brand, Ran Mullins.  I was already considered a “Fitness Celebrity” but I needed to bring it all together.  So we did.

Funny thing 5 years ago I wanted to do everything that was in the plan that we had created right then and there… but I soon realized that I needed patience, the right team and the right goals.  I knew I was someone that would work hard no matter what, I just needed more direction.  We specifically wrote in the plan a direction that we knew would work and that I was very comfortable with.  The more I knew what I wanted the easier it became to create the right team… and that team became: Pat Rigsby, Nick Berry, Jim Labadie, AJ Roberts, Harry Legg.

rocco-discussingThe more you chase money the more likely you are to surround yourself with like minded people (chasing money) and you wind up disappointed.  When you understand your true passion and chase that with vigilance you create success automatically.  You are always bringing yourself to new challenges that create an environment that breeds success and the people that you need to help you…find you.

Something that always drove me crazy when I was chasing money was the fact that I believed in people doing what they said they were going to do but never did it.  So many projects failed because I wanted to believe in the project so much that I thought the people coming to the project had the same goals…and they didn’t.  They were after the money and not willing to put the time in to make the project work.  That was the problem, they were just projects, with no consistency to what askROCCO Media was about…and askROCCO Media is about, Passionate, Liberating , Entertainment. Everything that I am about.

rocco-talkingMy success now is based on peace of mind, how I choose to live my life and how I can create success in others by helping them learn from my victories as well as mistakes.  Money doesn’t enter the picture but everything we planned 5 years ago is now coming to fruition and now I can see the forest through the trees and enjoy every bit of it.

Liz Donnelly says:

This is timely for sure.

This is sooooooooooo true! I used to have my eyes on the wrong things and kept going in circles. Now that my focus is my passion and helping others, my life has truly changed. Thanks for sharing!

R.J. Adams says:

A buddy dubbed 2009 as the year of collaboration. I was like, “Nah, i like to work by myself.” But, finding people with the same goals and drive is fantastic and leads to true synergy. I can create projects and make money by myself. But when one plus one come together with the like mind, it really does equal 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, whatever! More than just 2 for sure!

Liberating yourself from the time constraints, self-doubt, and excuses, and partnering with the right, like-minded people, will create those dreams we all have.

Let’s do this thing!

Nii Wilson says:

I love this post Rocco. I remember when we spoke about a month ago and you told me the story of your success the ups and all the truth about the downs. I love the way you told me like it was and what it really takes to see you dreams come true.

Above and beyond I love having you as a friend and coach I can lean on to guide my career and know that when I focus on passion and what I love to do the money will come automatically.