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Some Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips

By on April 26, 2008

If you don’t know me I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I am a freak about a clean house. Very, and I mean very rarely can you ever come to my house and it not be clean, vacuumed and everything put in it’s place. I think it’s funny but some of my ex-girlfriends find it hard to believe that I would break up with them over their messiness. A little soda can left on the counter, I guess waiting for the soda can fairy to swoop down and throw it away, annoys the sh** out of me. This is my favorite…used make up sponges left on the counter in a little pile when the garbage is directly below them. You can literally bump the counter and they would fall in. I don’t think I’m that bad I just get annoyed at laziness. Despite my cleanliness fetish I wanted to let you in on some tips I stole from a favorite blog of mine called The Style Page at
I know what you’re thinking, “what the hell is ROCCO doing reading The “Style” Page”? Don’t go hurting yourself by thinking too much. I read the blog because it’s great and I get fabulous tips like the ones I’m going to share with you. So shut up and take the information and use it to keep your house “Green” Friendly. Here they are:

Some personal tips from Rachel Lane of Barcelona Bath & Body (via her email list) on eco-friendly housecleaning that are worth passing on:

~ Sweet Orange Essential Oil is an awesome adhesive remover. My husband gave it the ultimate test recently by using it on a soft cloth to remove the residue from all the dealership stickers he’d taken off his new car. Passed with flying colors!

~ Hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle has taken the place of bleach sprays for kitchen surfaces. I even clean my cutting boards with it before running them through the dishwasher.

~ Vinegar is my glass, surface and faucet cleaner of choice. It works well in the dishwasher additive reservoir to leave your glasses sparkling. It also makes a great tile floor cleaner that leaves no sticky residue behind to attract dirt. My husband hates the smell, so I just finish up with a spritz of Room Refresh!

~ Baking soda and salt take the place of scouring powder. For example, if there’s still discoloration on my cutting board after I use hydrogen peroxide on it, I use baking soda and salt to scour out any remaining residue food may have left behind. Then I put it in the dishwasher and give it a final spritz of hydrogen peroxide.

~ Water in a spray bottle and a soft rag have taken the place of aerosol dusting sprays and dusting wipes. Let’s face it. Dry dusting doesn’t work! But spritzing a soft rag with a little water works well and is safe to breathe.

Bonus tip~~Conventional wisdom tells us to sort laundry first by color, then by soil level. Washing heavily soiled items with lightly soiled items causes unwanted soil transfer. I save my rags for a separate load from my regular laundry. When my husband comes in from mowing the yard, I take the dirty yard work laundry and toss it in the wash with my rags to make a fuller load. This would also work great for sports uniforms or work uniforms if you happen to have those in your household.

I like Bon Ami scouring powder, as it’s not chlorinated. Vinegar and salt is also great for removing tarnish from pots and pans, but you need “elbow grease.”


I know you’ll be scratching your head with this one for a while but please don’t pull a “Rainman” on me…definitely…definitely…he’s a wack job…definitely!