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Should fat people be measured before they get on an airplane?

By on January 14, 2009

I know this is a touchy subject.  Most people think that you shouldn’t discriminate against anyone but when it comes to fat I am not one of them.  Fat is not a race, “handicap”, or gender problem.  It is a self-inflicted problem that you bring on yourself…and it is a selfish infiction at that.  You were not born “Fat” no matter what science is trying to determine.  Our bodies were ment to move and participate in physical work.

If you are not moving then you need to provide that physical exertion somewhere else. I am really getting sick of the fact that there are more and more activist websites going up in regards to fat acceptance.  I’m also waiting for smokers to make a comeback and have activist groups for the acceptance of smoking, another self-inflicted health problem.  If we are baning smokers from everywhere because smoking makes people feel uncomfortable especially on airplanes than why should we have to sit next to Fat People…and be made to feel uncomfortable.  I used to have empathy…now I don’t. It used to be that being so fat that you fall into someone else’s seat was a rarity, now it’s become so commonplace that there is a movement for it to become acceptable.   Not on my watch.

The airlines will have to address this sooner then later and I’m hoping sooner.  There is no reason that I should be made uncomfortable when I have paid the same amount or usually more than someone who takes up two seats.  This is NOT acceptable.

For the record…I don’t hate fat people just like I don’t hate smokers, drug addicts, or alcoholics.  I just hate their behavior.

Elaine says:

Hey Rocco,
As you know, I have a medical condition that could possibly make me very fat.. Of course, after working with you as my personal trainer, I will NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN!!!
Medical conditions are an excuse for people to get fat in the first place.
Therefore, I agree that if you are extremely heavy, you should pay for two seats while flying.
We have to pay extra for our suitcases if they exceed a certain weight, so why shouldn’t someone have to pay for an extra seat if their fat ass can’t fit in one..
Atiiitude is Everything!!!

Ian- I have made numerous posts about the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. They can have all the meetings in the world and tell each other that it’s alright to be fat but the reality is that they will die way too soon and burden us with their self-indulgent aftermath.

Kahthan-if the Airlines published something then it would be set in stone…and that would invite billions of dollars in lawsuits but I think that’s a great idea.

Kathleen-did you mention anything to the usher at the game? If I were you I would have brought an usher over and asked him to find you a new seat.

Great points. I think it’s sad that this is even an issue.

kahthan says:

I agree, i think there should be published thresholds of weight that are allowed and beyond that a second seat should be considered. if it is done this way then you have less of a chance of offending people as well. fantastic post rocco, just found your blog and ill be a regular reader.

Ian Fagala says:

Funny enough the only people who probably agree with you are fellow fit pros. How about this instead of boycotting AA maybe we should have a revolt against this organization! Seriously what a sad state of affairs we have come to in regards to our nations health!

Ian Fagala

Will anorexics/bulimics also get a refund for the unused portion of their seats?

Kathleen says:

Absolutely! Or they should have to buy 2 seats. Perfect example…while attending the Giants playoff game on Sunday, who sits next to me but a man weighing 350 + lbs. His leg was on my chair and I was pushed up against my husband who was next to me. When I stood up during a play, I couldn’t get my seat back down because his leg was in the way. I was super uncomfortable. I’m paying $125 for my 2/3 of my seat…he paid the same and was able to utilize 1 1/3 seats. NOT FAIR.

Yo Rocco,

I love your fire man!

Hey, you know what? A lot of people will offended by this display of brutal honesty. Not me!!!

I think you hit the nail on the head when you, as a customer pay for your SPACE to fly, you are entitiled to that space.

So one of two things should happen…

If you have to share your seat, either the other person get’s charged more or you get a discount for sharing your space.

It’s reality folks…

We have a deadly epedimic among us that is going to require some massive action or more a more people are going to be affected in one way or another.

Thanks Rocco!

Donovan “DFitnessguy” Owens

Liz Donnelly says:

Not only is the ultra-amusing, but you do bring up a very valid point about being trapped in your already-to-begin-with narrow seat next to a person who’s taking up part of your space. Rocco, did you see the movie “Wall-e?” I’m curious on your take.