If you are doing Seminars as a Lead Generation Tactic... you need this Seminar System

As you know Seminars and Workshops are the ultimate lead generation tool. You get to meet people face to face and they get the feeling that they already know you. Most often at the Seminar or workshop you have created a bond… and that bond will have created a customer.

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  • 3 Proven Successful Power Point Presentations

  • 2 Seminar Evaluation Forms

  • Follow Up Letter To Business or Organization

  • Participant Follow Up Letter and Referral Request

  • Business / Organization Letter of Agreement

  • Lead Generation Letter

  • Video Release and Accompanying Letter

  • Follow Up Letter For Referral

  • Seminar Advertising Order Form

  • Registration Confirmation Letter

  • Business / Organization Confirmation Letter

  • My Exclusive... Never before seen Video 'Selling from the Stage'

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