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Scheduling Facebook Posts for your Fanpage

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Rocco-Standing-TransDear Fellow Entrepreneur,

It isn’t easy anymore keeping track of what social media platforms you should and shouldn’t be spending energy on. It seems like there is an endless supply of new technology coming out and all the “Gurus” have there own theories.

There really are only 3 main platforms you “have” to pay attention to… really! I’m not kidding.

1. Number 1 is Google… so you need a website/blog. Google is where everyone goes to find out information on your product/services.

2. Number 2 is YouTube… you need a Channel. YouTube is the second most popular search engine for people to find out “How To” do something. If you are not on YouTube… get on it. Now!

3. Number 3 is Facebook… Now you need a personal profile and a Fanpage… not so long ago I was telling people that you didn’t need a FanPage until you got 5000 friends because it didn’t help you in your business that much. Well Facebook has made the FanPage the most interesting part of the Facebook experience. With 1 Billion people an counting Facebook is the 3 rd largest search engine… and it is the largest to be able to engage a business or Brand… and customers will and do.

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Success is Yours,


Rocco Castellano

Boss, askROCCO Media, Inc