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ROCCO on Cincinnati 5 “Sports Rock” with Ken Broo and George Vogel

By on March 12, 2008

Legendary Sportscaster Ken Broo and George Vogel have called me “a fitness guru and inadvertent comedian”. I’m really not sure if that was meant as a compliment or just a testament to how much fun I have appearing on their show “Sports Rock”, Sunday night’s at 11:35pm on Cincinnati’s 5 WLWT TV. Here’s some past performances of me and Steelers fan Billy Bob. I want to thank Ken and George for being the most gracious hosts and allowing on the show. I’ve will always love doing “Sports Rock”.

Rocco joins hosts Ken Broo & George Vogel to see how Billy Bob Belcher is doing with his fitness training. Rocco has to reach far into his bag of tricks to motivate Billy Bob. Mission “almost” Impossible.