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Rocco Castellano: The most negative person in the Fitness Biz

By on December 22, 2008

I have to hand it to myself.

I did it again! I pissed off another person who believes that the world should be full of cherries and ice cream and no one should say anything in case it hurts someones feelings… boo f@%kin’ hoo!

Here is Shannon Enright-Smith’s ( ) e-mail to me regarding my post about “When is Oprah Going to Go to Rehab”:

“Please lose my e-mail.  There is absolutely NOTHING inspiring about you or your e-mails.  You are the MOST negative health and fitness person in this business.  I cannot believe that anyone would waste their time reading your articles.  I am a personal trainer and life coach – I’m looking to be inspired – not to trash people.  How do you REALLY feel about your clients who are overweight?  You really should change careers-


Thank you Shannon…I love you too.

I have such an effect on woman.

Political correctness and coddling has done this great country more harm then good.  All those fat woman crying with Richard Simmons are still crying because his “inspiration” was nothing but a bunch of tears that lead to nowhere.

A personal trainer/life coach/I’m afraid of the dark/please don’t say bad words they’ll make my ears hurt/rocco you’re a scumbag for calling people out for being fat (oh…they weren’t her words they were mine…oops) needs to realize that we are not on this earth to inspire.  That comes from within one’s self.  Sorry if you don’t have a clue.

Listen up people…I offend 65% of America just by waking up in the morning.  I’m not here to…make nice with the fat people…I am here to light a fire under your fat ass and get you working out.  If you don’t like my tone don’t come to my blog.

I’ll take a line from Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”…”you can’t handle the truth! My existence while grotesque and incomprehensible to you…saves lives! You don’t want the truth because in places you don’t talk about at parties…YOU WANT ME ON THIS BLOG…YOU NEED ME ON THIS BLOG!”

No matter what, I call you fat not because I dislike you but because I give a shit about you… more then you actually do!

Cissy Brown says:

What the ?*!#? Get an education and stop sounding like some GUIDO from Jersey Shore! You sound like an idiotic grease monkey who has an 8th grade education. Are you gonna “break my legs?” Seriously, while you may be a trainer, your social skills are inept. Inept means: 1.unable to handle job: lacking the competence or skill for a particular task
2.totally inappropriate: not in keeping with what is right or proper for the circumstances
Cissy says:

… and so who the fuck are you again? Oh, that’s right no one I give a shit to hear from. Thank you and have a nice day.

sharyn says:

You kick A** Rocco! Your ability to speak the truth and be yourself is so inspiring! Thank you for giving this girl a real dose of reality.

You are the sh*t! Thanks for keeping me motivated to be myself and really confront the UGLY truth of obesity and why our country is helping lead this epidemic. I don’t sugar coat it for my clients and I am more than happy being known for keeping it real all day, every day!

Keep doing what you are doing, b/c if it gets people talking, you OBVIOUSLY are doing something right!

Your Friend in Fitness,

Yavor says:

I’m glad PC is net yet big here in Bulgaria.

Nii Wilson says:

FIRST OFF: I know Rocco is the person we love to hate. I think I am going to start hating him just so I no longer have to be the 5% of people that like him. He is the fitness industry’s Howard wake up just to hate the guy but Rocco took time out of his BUSY Thanksgiving holiday, was stuck on a bus for 2 hours in NYC traffic, just to meet me at Barnes and Noble to help me better my business so I can help more people lose fat.


Rocco. I am wondering who this fitness professional was. Obviously if she was coming to I would assume that she would know what she was getting into. That’s like going to a NY Yankees game and getting pissed because you were hoping to see the Washington Redskins. PEOPLE know what you are getting into. I was personally looking for something offensive but I couldn’t because it was all truthful. Maybe America has gotten a little too soft and PC but I am standing here today ALIVE probably because people that TRULY cared said…HEY NII GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING!

Kelly Olexa says:

Sugar coating things and telling people what they WANT to hear isn’t gonna cut it when it comes to getting fit, or really in anything….there’s a time for being polite and a time for CALLING IT LIKE IT IS. I love how you speak your mind and how you put some muscle behind it!! Seriously. Our talk this evening was just the OOMPH that I needed and it sooooo helped me. But were you coddling me and saying, “There there, Kelly, it’s ok, you’re FINE!!” Heck no!!

I want the ROCCO that I first met to stay that way; TOUGH AS NAILS but from the heart!!


Amir says:

Exactly Rocco! Good job! You remind me of a meaner Scott Abel. THANK YOU!


Liz says:

I’m inspired now to bawl my head off in a German chocolate cake and ice cream! Sob. Sniff. Now, I need someone to hug my expanding midsection!

Rocco, keep telling it like it is!

In the meantime, I have a cake to finish…

Hi Rocco.. You inspire me. I go to your blogs on a daily basis to be inpired, your honest and you tell it like it is. For those reading this, I was fat and I lost 75lbs.. I was not happy with myself why because I was fat and i had to be real with myself and stop making excuses. I spoke with Rocco on the phone, he is a very knowlegable guy he knows what he’s talking about.

Thank you for keeping me motivated.

Nancy Savaria

People need to hear the truth, even if it offends.

Unfortunately, it hurts.

Keep speaking the truth Rocco.