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Rocco Castellano Interviews Milwaukee’s Best Personal Trainer… BJ Gaddour

By on September 21, 2009
Without a doubt BJ Gaddour has made a huge impact on the fitness industry and more specifically the bootcamp industry.  His “Workout Muse” Bootcamp Music product has helped many fitness professionals automate and teach better bootcamp classes while getting great results for their clients.

The one thing I really admire about BJ is that he is absolutely commited to the fitness industry and has vowed to help change the way we do fitness…and he has.

BJ has done want most “Trainers” only dream of doing.  He has partnered up with some great friends of mine to help trainers who have bootcamps to market them better and create a viable business model with “Bootcamp Blueprint” recently he has co-branded a live event called “Bootcamp Bootcamp” to allow trainers to learn vital marketing skills in an interactive environment.

I was able to snag BJ Gaddour for an interview