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Recovering from the Windows Vista Nightmare…

By on July 13, 2008

I’m back online…yippee! Since last September when everyone else was screaming about what a piece of shit Windows Vista was, I was happy with my new system. Vista had so many really cool attributes that I thought it was great.

Some how, some way in the midst of a big move, a huge product launch, and a total turn around of my current corporate business model my computer that has everything in the world that I have ever created, blogs, articles, videos, photo galleries, you name it was gone…in a instant…my personal life and business life wiped clean.

I spent 15 hours, yes 15 friggin’ hours on the phone with 7 different tech support people. Dell has outsourced there tech support to an office in the Philippines and I have to tell you that for the most part it was a descent experience. The first two tech support people were not the sharpest knives in the drawer but they were able to send me to other people that did know. One thing you may want to know is that there’s a 12 hour time difference from Cincinnati, where I am and the Philippines. So during the day when I was calling I got their third shift workers. At 1pm our time it was 1am their time…I think the two people I first spoke to were sleep talking.

At 1am my time I got a hold of someone named Jeremy who was the one who took the time and figured out how to save all the data that I couldn’t get to, that was the good news. So, I went to sleep knowing I would be able to retrieve the data that I thought was gone but the bad news was I had to wipe the hard drive clean and re-install the operating system. I barely slept.

I went to Staples and bought a 500 gb external hard drive and started copying files, directories and anything I thought I needed. I have a ton of shit!

Now began the agonizing re-installation of all my programs. I had to retrieve product keys, installation discs…did I tel you i was in the middle of a big move, locating this stuff was itself a nightmare. I found everything. Only one stupid problem happened and it came from Microsoft customer service. I was trying to retrieve a product key from Digital River, a software company that controls Microsoft Marketplace.

Well customer service literally had me transfered to 7 different people that worked in the same customer service department. Each one of the people that helped me told me they were transferring me to Digital River or Microsoft Marketplace…3 hours later after I finally (I think that was extreme patience on my part) blew up and told the idiot on the phone that I had just been waiting on the phone for 3 hours and 7 different people, he told me I shouldn’t be getting angry at him and did I want the phone number for Digital River. I told I did because he obviously couldn’t help me.

I call the number he gave me and someone answered within 5 minutes and I had what I was looking for with in 3 minutes. So kudos to Digital River.

I have finally downloaded my last program and plug-in and can say that I am officially back online. Get ready for some funny and enlightening videos I’ve got for you regarding my Assault on Trans Fat laden foods. I think you’ll like them.