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Protein Shakes are Toxic!

By on June 18, 2010

I literally almost shit my pants when this report came out. I wanted to release it when the media did but I wanted to do my “own” due diligence.

In many instances there is usually someone or some company with an agenda behind one of these studies… and I refuse to get caught up in that stupidity.

This time it is a “true” report and some of the popular protein drinks and meal replacement drinks do have high levels of toxins than I or any of you would like.

To tell you the truth… I’m a little baffled to why anyone or any company would have let this go unmonitored… to allow their product to be infused with toxins… is beyond my scope of thinking.

As a branding expert, fitness professional and just someone who cares about the public health… I’d probably recommend they make sure there was no toxins in something I sold… but that’s just me.

Checkout this video and tell me what you think of this report.