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OxyX™ Alkaline Drops – PH Booster


OxyX™ Alkaline Drops – PH Booster

Great for:

   • For an Oxygen pick me up 
   • Enhancing oxygen delivery in the body
   • Promoting better energy and endurance
   • Boosting PH & Alkalinizing the body
   • Helping enhance the Immune System
   • Improving Performance

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OxyX™ Alkaline Drops – PH Booster thru its high alkaline PH and its oxygenating  activity this product is a very effective bacterial, fungal and viral fighter.

The product contains sodium chlorite, a precursor to chlorine dioxide, which could act in two ways.

First, the chlorite can increase the efficiency of oxidative enzymes that are present in macrophages, thereby enhancing the immune system.

Second, OxyX™ Alkaline Drops – PH Booster  is buffered in such a way that chlorine dioxide is released slowly and may oxidize foreign material.

Chlorine oxides are known for their anti-microbial capability. The chlorine acts as a carrier of the oxygen, but free chlorine is not a product of the reaction.

Recommended Use

Always dilute OxyX™ Alkaline Drops – PH Booster in water. Using the installed dropper top place 8 drops in 4oz of water for a quick energy boost in mid afternoon. Use 10-15 drops in a eight ounce glass of water to help kill candida yeast overgrowths.

Use 1 drop in 20 drops of water for topical applications.

OxyX™ Alkaline Drops – PH Booster should never be applied in the concentrated form directly to the skin or mouth.

Never use OxyX™ Alkaline Drops/PH Booster together with probiotics at the same time. Wait at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours before using OxyX™ Alkaline Drops/PH Booster after taking any Probiotics.

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