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DCT Proflex


Because our feet connect us to the ground and serve as our body’s foundation, proper alignment and mobility of the feet (and ankles) are essential for optimal movement and efficiency during physical activity. And many structural and postural problems that cause pain and bodily dysfunction are the direct result of misaligned feet and ankles, weakened lower leg muscles, and/or excessively tight fascia.

Using Dynamic Contraction Technique™ (DCT™) exercises developed by my friend Licensed Physical Therapist, Nic Bartolotta, the DCT ProFlex™ helps to strengthen and lengthen lower leg and foot muscles, and balance tension to restore proper biomechanical alignment and function to the feet, ankles and lower leg.

The benefits of using the DCT ProFlex™ include:

  • Alleviation of pain from PLANTAR FASCIITIS
  • Alleviation of pain from SHIN SPLINTS
  • Alleviation of pain associated with BUNIONS, HEEL SPURS, and HAMMER TOES
  • Increased STRENGTH and COORDINATION for greater BALANCE and POWER
  • Increased FLEXIBILITY and DEXTERITY of the foot and lower leg that can REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY
  • Improved CIRCULATION of blood and lymph
  • Improved POSTURE and GAIT


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