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Why I keep OxyX 5% Sodium Chlorite Solution with me all the time

By on November 25, 2015
sodium chlorite solution

Do you remember last years egg recall? Shit, I do. Me and my wife headed down to Southern California to pick up our Oranges in Valencia. Normally I’m on top of everything food but this time I had been under a little bit of stress and I just wanted to get to Valencia and be back with my oranges, lemons, bison, honey and eggs… when I suddenly remembered nearly 400 million eggs were being pulled off shelves due to mass outbreaks of salmonella poisoning.

Nothing is more frightening in my world when I look down at my iPhone to read that the restaurant that my wife and I adored was all over the news being linked to 15 cases of salmonella poisoning.  I think I shit myself… when I heard the news. Then it hit me and my wife… and I almost did. Talk about art imitating life. Well…  I’m so glad the dogs had no part of my 6 egg omelette. I don’t think I realized how important your sphincter muscle was until I couldn’t control it. Holy Shit! Literally… and I really think God was fucking with me…

FDA Egg RecallBeyond the obvious inconvenience of all bodily fluids making a mad dash for the nearest exits all at once, I heard that people were being hospitalized for days, sometimes weeks and we were many miles from home. A very funny reality hit me… I never travel without my OxyX. Before I decided to launch this product I had carried it and tested it for almost a year. Every time I got into some type of food borne trouble I was always saved. My OxyX was a bunch of drops (actually 15) a way from making sure I wasn’t another casualty of the egg recall.

I made a mixture with the 5% Sodium Chlorite solution, usually it’s 15 drops in 16oz of water or similar liquid. Remarkably, within 20 minutes I experienced a short break from the vomiting and diarrhea. Less than six hours later, the chaos was over.

What would usually take 4-7 days to overcome took less than 6 hours.

There are a bunch of articles that offer tons of information – like these:

But let’s be honest – for every article explaining how this stuff is a miracle cure-all, there’s another calling this ‘cure’ pure quackery (for example, Even Wikipedia is taking sides on this one and it’s not nice.

If you do any research at all on the topic of a small dose of sodium chlorite, you’re in for a big dose of cyber drama. I love the internet. So what can be agreed upon?

sodium chlorite solutionLet’s start with the basics. Sodium chlorite is chemically known as NaCl02. It’s been used as a disinfectant for years, in hospitals, as a water purifier and by the food industry to remove harmful microorganisms from our meats, poultry, fish, fruits and veggies.  It works as an oxidant, or electron acceptor, which just means it steals an essential electron from pathogens like viruses and parasites, thereby destroying the harmful organism. Very high concentrations, around 80% would be fatal and are only used for industrial purposes. Very low concentrations, around 5% and below, as is found in many mouthwashes can actually be beneficial. People who believe that sodium chlorite can be a beneficial part of their wellness program use it both topically and internally.

Something that seems quite clear to me is that many articles are authored by the haves and have nots.  Those who have used sodium chlorite in some capacity and those who will not.

As a believer, I admit, I keep a bottle of OxyX upstairs and downstairs in my home. I also have one for my car and I always bring a bottle on all my camping trips. Don’t worry, it’s a much diluted solution – just 5% in purified water – and no explosions or flesh eating accidents have ever occurred. I promise.

sodium chlorite solutionI dilute the 5% Sodium Chlorite solution in water for everything from heartburn to nausea, I gargle it for sore throats or toothaches, and I spray it on bug bites and sunburns. I’ve used it to remove a weird wart on my knee and watched it make a skin tab vanish by applying topically once or twice a day for about a week.  I’ve also had the uninvited pleasure of using the solution to battle a very bad batch of shrimp. If you’ve ever experienced food poisoning or salmonella you know how scary it is when that first wave of sick, kicks in. I’m happy to know I now have something that kicks back.

And why do I take it camping? To purify my water? Nay. I take it because no camping trip seems complete without at least once setting myself on fire (inadvertently) or grabbing the hot chili pot without a mitt. Either way, a good second degree burn is pretty much a sure thing. It’s also incredibly painful. For any unbelievers out there, nothing will change minds more or faster than this pain disappearing instantly and completely when treated with this solution. My burns heal faster and with less scaring than ever before.

So that’s it. Sodium Chlorite solution will have its foes and friends forever. All I know is if you’re reading this, you’re curious. You’ve likely already dosed yourself with the colorful bloviations on both sides and are still looking for some solid answer about all this. I don’t have one for you. I can only offer my solid opinion. So here it is: I love it. I use it in a 5% solution called OxyX and take every opportunity I have to spread the word and share it with everyone.

And if you want more interesting information regarding sodium chlorite, click here.