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One of the Greatest Exercises to Build Strong Shoulders Without Weights

By on November 28, 2008

Arm Circles…that’s right Arm Circles.  Everyone looks at me like I have two heads…my hair’s on fire and I have snot as big as Texas shooting out of my nose whenever I tell people at my boot camps to do Arm Circles.

I get; “I haven’t done those since second grade”…”what kind of fitness expert would have adults do kiddie exercises”

Then I tell them to shut up and do the friggin exercise for sixty seconds one way and without stopping do 60 seconds the other way.  Then do you know what I hear from the same idiots mouth!

“Holy Shit! I can’t believe how F**ckin hard these are.”…”These suck…I hate you.”  “I can’t keep my arms up that long”

So much for kiddie exercises.  Watch the video to learn how to perform Arm Circles properly.