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Now they sell chairs for the Fattest Man in the World…or at least 1000 lb people

By on January 13, 2009
I know…I know… it’s hard to imagine that a company like the Casual Male Retail Group would bother to sell an office and portable chair to fit someone that weigh 1000 lbs, but they do.
It is utterly ridiculous that a company is forecasting profits in a demographic that used to be an extreme rarity but Casual Male feels that the 500-1000 lb market is a burgeoning one and is only adding products to it’s line the customer wants.
Imagine that a 1000 lb tested portable chair is in high demand and Casual Male with it’s website is just supplying the need.  Not too long ago…about 15 years 1000 lbs seemed like it something out of science fiction…like Jabba the Hut…but now it occurs on a regular basis.
I know that none of you are anywhere close to 1000 lbs but the reality is that if we continue to sweep fatness under the rug and allow the acceptance of fat we are doomed to a prison of self-isolation.
We are already seeing this pattern in parents to children and just because people are finding acceptance with their fat self doesn’t mean that the societal problems aren’t still there.
Liz Donnelly says:

Wow! I was going to suggest that the portable chair with the two cup holders might be intended for going on hot dates and having drinks together…but then I saw that large man’s wedding picture. I suppose companies have no shame. What’s next? How about an automated conveyor belt that brings food from the kitchen to the 1,000-pound person’s bedroom so that the person who normally brings the 9 dozen eggs for breakfast can just put them on a conveyor and be done with it.

One final comment: Casual Men???! How about Sedentary Overeaters? Wait, that doesn’t have the same je nous se qua.