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Can’t afford a gym membership…workout for free at your local playground

By on December 2, 2008

This is part two of the “Playground Workout” that I put local Albuquerque Kiss Morning Show Radio Personality “Kandee Man” through. I wanted to teach him that there is no reason to be fat, and that you have all the equipment you need to take the weight off right at your local playground.

So if you don’t have money for a gym membership or can’t afford expensive fitness equipment than follow along and try my version of “The Playground Workout”. This is after he had a so called “Bad Weekend”.

Hopefully without choking to death on your own breath!

You don’t have to resort to working out on the playground. A $500 home gym is all that’s needed:

The Basics of What You Need to Create a Home Gym:

– Straight barbell bar and set of iron plates (110 lbs combined) – $100
– Dumbbell handles – $25
– Extra weights (4 25s to boost your gym to 210 lbs) – $100
– A chin-up bar – $20
– Fitness ball – $15
– Resistance band with stirrups – $10
– Jump rope – $5
– Exercise mat – $15
– Adjustable weight bench – $60
– Heavy bag – $60
– Exercise bike (used) – $75 to $100

Your Reader says:

Good work! Thank you!
I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?
Of course, I will add backlink?

Regards, Timur I. Alhimenkov

If you live in places where you can exercise outside I recommend you doing my 8 minute workout 2 or 3 times a day. It breaks it up and you can do it whenever you can squeeze it in and usually after you exercise the “Winter Blues” goes away for a while. I also get the “Winter Blues”, that’s why I moved to Albuquerque, NM.

Dina says:

Roc, I get the no gym bit, but I live is RI where it freezing outside! This is not just the time of year to party but it gets soooo cold I don’t want to continue to do my outdoor routine! I get the traditional winter blues every year and I gain 5 lbs always! What other tricks do you have? Dina Bogo